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Rosa Smith-Montanaro is a Virtual Wellness and Weight Loss Coach, and the award-winning creator of the Mind Over Platter program. She also wrote a book of the same name. Her background is in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Success Coaching.

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Mind Over Platter
by Rosa Smith-Montanaro, Virtual Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

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Naturally thin and fit people know that the mind trumps the body. They don't stop when the brain says, "I don't want to do this (i.e. exercise, eat salad, skip dessert, etc)." They play mind games with themselves. Naturally thin/fit people talk back to that little voice. They say, "I am not tired!", "I love salads!", "I am going to feel so good when this is over!"

They really say those things to themselves! They say them with intensity and feeling to psych themselves up for what they don't want to do.

Chronic dieters whine to themselves. They say "I worked hard, I deserve to (have dessert, skip the gym, sleep in, etc)." They too infuse feeling but it is a negative one.

This week's assignment is to believe it's all a mind game. Notice the game you play and change it to an empowering one. I am available on Facebook/mindoverplatter1 to talk about it more if you'd like.

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