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I managed to put ON 6 #s this week. I think it is mostly stress and bad eating, its been hectic and wont stop for another week or so. My guy and I had a few really bad arguements this week. That and we have company for the weekend and are in no way ready.. (she will be here tomorrow!)
I started the weekend really well on watching meals and walking, then I got offtrack first thing tuesday, forgot breakfast at home and ended up eating bad at work.
On the upside, I am making my way to my steps goal, I get alot of walking done all day and the sun finally returned. I also started cleaning house for someone again, so thats 8 hours of wall scrubbin, laundry folding, lifting turning moving fun fun fun...We pulled all the bikes out yesterday, should be working this weekend:) that means biking to work, hope the sun keeps shining!
Just one week until married, cant wait.. but still feels weird, in a good way though. Now if I could just reverse those 6#'s I would be doing great.
A friend recommended DanceDance Revolution cuz I dont have any room at home for workouts. any opinions on tight space workouts would be awesome.

Let the Sun Shine On!!!!!
backtracking but still upbeat:)

@ 10:28am ET on April 10, 2009
Sounds like you're feeling positive now! That's awesome! I know stress makes me bloat and emotionally eat. Also, when your body is under stress it retains more calories in case there is an emergency and the extra calories are needed.

Good luck with your house-guest and CONGRATS on being married in a week! We're planning a wedding right now and it's so exciting, nerve-racking, etc... Remember just to relax and enjoy your special day. Don't think about weight, past-arguments or guest-stress, just remember why you're getting married and stay in the moment. Congrats again!!

@ 10:46am ET on April 10, 2009
Congrats on your imminent wedding! I'm sure this gain is from all the stress you must be under now, so don't worry about it! It sounds like you're doing great with exercise, keep it up!

@ 12:23pm ET on April 11, 2009
Of course, congratulations!! I can understand the stress of planning a wedding. I completely agree with EllsBells1985, don't worry about past arguments, you are both frustrated and under a lot of stress. I'm a meal skipper too. I don't eat unless I'm hungry, but then when I start to feel hungry, I convince myself that I don't need the extra calories and can wait until dinner, which of course makes me eat more at dinner. As for the limited space at home for workouts, I can definately relate to that too! Stairs are nice. I go up and down the stairs until my legs burn, stop for a few minutes, and do it again. The first time I did this, I think I went up and down the stairs 10 times, about 40 steps total, and the muscles in my legs hurt for almost 3 days. I think I may have done too much too fast, but it works! Squats work pretty good too. I have "The Biggest Loser: The Workout" DVD and there are only 1 or 2 things I have a hard time doing due to lack of space. I picked it up at Target for about $15. I like that you can customize the workout on the menu so it plays what you want. I would recommend it. I think you are definately on the right track! Keep up the good work. Those lbs will be gone in no time!

@ 12:11am ET on June 5, 2009
We all have stress at least i know i do i have 2 kids
and when there home it's full on . congratulations on getting married. I know it's hard to eat right trying to train myself not to skip meals . Have nuts on hand even though you might not like them they can grow on you, Or raw veges.Ridding bike to work will be good too. I trying to biking 20klm a week.Well good luck and keep up the good work

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