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Ode to the PineappleYou know the weather is warming when pineapples start making their sunshine-y way into the markets!

These juicy, Vitamin-C packed fruits are so versatile that they can be used in dinners, in smoothies, in salads, on the grill, and so much more!

Check out some of our favorite recipes featuring this feel-good fruit:

Frozen Pineapple Pops: These tropical frozen fruit pops are creamy, sweet and delicious! You can also freeze these in ice cube trays. (180 calories per serving)

Frozen Pineapple Pops recipe

Five-Star Fruit Salad: This delightful fruit salad is complemented by sweet pomegranate seeds and a honey-lime dressing. Perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth! (160 calories per serving)

5-Star Fruit Salad recipe

Island Smoothie: Start your day with the taste of the islands! Pineapple and mango, what a breakfast temptation! (267 calories per serving)

Island Smoothie recipe

Banana Split Whirl: Top off your banana and pineapple smoothie with a maraschino cherry and you have a drinkable banana split! (190 calories per serving)

Banana Split Whirl recipe

Caribbean Spice Chicken: Bring the Caribbean to your house with this different and exciting dish. It's sweet, spicy and irresistible! (220 calories per serving)

Caribbean Spice Chicken recipe

Shredded Carrot and Fruit Salad: You won't find any mayo-drenched carrots in this salad! Instead you'll enjoy crunchy carrots, sweet fruit and zesty dressing - all full of flavor and color! (161 calories per serving)

Carrot and Fruit Salad recipe

Grilled Fruit Skewers: These marinated and grilled fruit skewers lend way to a sweet and caramelized taste that will make you forget all about that chocolate cake! (200 calories per serving)

Grilled Fruit Skewers recipe

Want even more delicious, pineapple-inspired recipes? Browse here!

What's YOUR favorite way to eat pineapple? Share below in the comments! And don't forget to pass this blog along to your friends and family who love finding new recipes!

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@ 9:44pm ET on January 14, 2016
in cubes or in my cereal

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