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@ 12:47pm ET on July 5, 2007
Seems like the writers of these articles don't realize that children have very little control over what they eat! And that Parents are the single largest influence in a child's life. Parents who don't like fruits and vegetables won't encourage their children to eat them, even in school. If parents don't buy it, don't provide it, then kids aren't going to eat it. Education is at least one generation too late.

@ 3:49pm ET on July 5, 2007
I know many people have different opinions, but I do not think it is governments responsibility to spend our tax money to teach our children how to eat. Sure the schools should offer healthy balanced meals, but adding 1 billion to teach them how to eat? It is only the parents responsibility. Whether it is healthy or unhealthy food, I am the one who prepares and chooses it for my family. Not the government!
And poor children can't exercise? Growing up my family was poor, but my parents were active. So we grew up being very active. It doesn't cost money to walk. Besides we sacrifice any money that we do have for things we really want(even poor people). If we do not spend our money the best we can when we are poor it shows we won't spend it any better when we are rich. And if poor people are bigger then they must be eating more. Where did they get the money to eat more to begin with. I know from experience that getting big isn't necessarily from eating bad things, it's from eating too much of anything. So really bigger people are spending more on food because they require more food than smaller people.

@ 1:48pm ET on July 6, 2007
I've already posted my opinion on these studies, and what I feel governments role should be and been blasted for it... suffice it to say, a parent who sits in front of the tube and eats poorly, will have a kid who sits in front of the tube and eats poorly, regardless of how many billions of my tax dollars go to tell them they shouldn't.

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