Danielle Prestejohn, NASM CPT, MS Nutrition, is a devoted CrossFitter, Group Fitness Instructor, and Health Coach. Residing in Boston, MA she is the blogger behind CleanFoodCreativeFitness.com and has a passion for all things nutrition and fitness. She hopes to share this passion and enthusiasm for health with all those in the Diet.com community!

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Danielle Prestejohn

by Danielle Prestejohn, Fitness and Nutrition Expert

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I can only imagine how annoying it may be to hear me talk about my love of CrossFit at times. I mean who really loves working out? Sometimes I worry that you will think I am crazy when I say that I actually enjoy working out. I wonder whether it is off-putting to hear that I just have such a love for activity. I mean perhaps I'm just one of those weird people who enjoys sweating and you just aren't? Right?


Back in the day I hated exercise. In fact to this day I hate running, but don't let that fool you. I really do enjoy a good sweat session. Let's rewind back to high school, maybe middle school, in fact let's go all the way back to elementary school...

I was quite the social butterfly back then and whatever my friends did, I wanted in. Starting with basketball in third grade. Let me tell you, I was terrible. I don't ever remember loving the game. In fact I remember being afraid of getting the ball. Then came soccer, and - if it was possible - I was even worse at soccer than basketball. I enjoyed defense because I could talk to my friends and didn't have to run much. Typical girl right?

I found dance in middle school and finally I enjoyed something. I wasn't terrible, which was motivation enough to continue but I actually kind of enjoyed it! I kept up with dance classes all through middle school and high school and never quite thought of it as "exercise." All I knew was I loved it. What I didn't love: The Treadmill. When I started to worry about my weight in my awkward teenage/preteen years I started to feel a need to "exercise." I would often walk and maybe even attempt to run on my family treadmill in the basement. I never liked it much but I did it because I thought I had to. Looking back I often wonder if that's why I didn't like it: because I thought I needed it.

I continued to dance, and loved it throughout college, but my interest in fitness and exercise grew as I made the connection that it was actually helping me become a better dancer. I still dreaded my gym workouts though. The elliptical bored me, as did the treadmill, and weight training just felt monotonous. Then I discovered group fitness. I started taking your basic fitness classes like step, body pump, and Zumba. I was shocked to find that I actually looked forward to going to the gym and didn't feel like I "needed" to just because I had to get a workout in. As my time spent dancing started to fade, I started looking for a new outlet and came across CrossFit. Suddenly I was in love. I was passionate about what I did, I was determined to get better, and was actually looking forward to my workouts. I loved to workout.

Now this article is not written to persuade you to try CrossFit. That's not my point. My point is that I had to find a type of exercise I loved, that didn't feel like exercise. I don't have to workout to stay healthy. I enjoy working out and as a pleasant side effect it keeps me healthy.

Bottom line: do what you love and it won't feel like work. For me it's CrossFit. For my mom it's yoga and running. For my Dad it's taking walks outside. Explore as many outlets of activity as you can until you find the one you can't wait to do again!

What's your choice of movement you just love??? Get out there and explore what you love.

Best wishes and workouts!

Check out more delicious recipes and workout tips at CleanFoodCreativeFitness.com.

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