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Starting a new health regimen can be a challenge. Changing your long-held habits is always hard, and there are bound to be times along the way when you slip up. The bigger problem, though, is staying motivated. If you remain motivated, you’ll be able to move past the occasional mistakes you’re bound to make. If not, you’ll quickly fall back into your old, unhealthy habits at the earliest opportunity. Here are four tips for staying motivated so that you can build your healthy new habits:

Remove Temptation

If you want to start living healthy, it’s a good idea to remove all of the temptations that might draw you back into your old habits. Get rid of all of the chips, cookies and other junk foods that may be in your house as well as anything else you’ve decided to give up for health reasons. It’s much easier to rely on the absence of those items than it is to strain your willpower every day avoiding them when they are easily available.

Make Health a Group Effort

Doing something as part of a group will always be easier than trying to do it on your own. If you want to make it easier to stay motivated, join together with health-minded friends for your exercise routines and other activities. Being around people who are practicing the same habits as you will not only give you motivation but also make you more accountable for staying on track.

Listen to Health-Related Podcasts

Much like participating in group activities, hearing inspiring material through media like podcasts can help to keep you motivated. There are many health-centered podcasts, like those from The 200 Project, that will give you not only motivation but also practical tips to improve your health. Start listening to a few, and you’ll see considerable improvement in your level of motivation and in your ability to stick to your goals.

Create Positive Feedback

If you want to turn healthy living into a lifestyle, you need to turn your routine into a set of habits. To help you do this, it’s useful to create positive feedback for yourself in the form of rewards. If you manage to eat clean for six months, for instance, you might reward yourself with a trip you’ve been wanting to take. By rewarding yourself for consistency, you can help yourself stick with your new routines long enough for them to simply become habits, after which it won’t be nearly as hard to maintain them.

Using these easy tips, you’ll be able to keep yourself motivated to make your healthy lifestyle into a long-term commitment. Remember, if you’re ever feeling unmotivated or slip up and make a few unhealthy decisions, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for it. Just get back on track the next day. Whatever habits you pursue most consistently will ultimately determine how healthy you are.

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