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Well.... It is now.. 11 days into 2012... and I guess I should do an update...
Have been severely slacking on this site, and been keeping super busy offline as well.
I returned to college in summer of 2011... (after.. 12 years!) and.. did okay ;) Just completed my first full semester (complete with fulltime load of classes) and.. my grades are way better than I could have dreamed to do in High School (too many home issues.. but.. thats a different tangent)
I have haggled with my advisor over the courses to take this spring(winter semester) and finally.. disregarded her, and took 3 classes with a newly acquired friend (met oncampus) and.. the 2nd part of that hateful Math GRRR...
In order to get fit.. and have TIME to get fit.. I am (mind you..Im a student there.. so gym access daily.. is FREE) going to be paying almost 200$ in tuition.. just to go to the gym 40min/day... 3days/wk... now until May 3rd.
Crazy to spend money on something free right? well.. Student loans have some good points... and so.. exersise is now a GRADE.. and babysitters are available...

;) Cant wait for the orientation on Friday... they show ya everything.. and then do personalized plans.. measuring, all your stats and whatnot... and then.. free to come and go on my schedule.. (granted.. has to be Mon-Fri.. and while they are open) when I am able to do it :)
dont like that I have to take a class in order to get where I want to be.. but..its either pay to be able to... or... stay stuck onthe size I am on..

(I choose... PAY! if it will get me where I want to be in general!)

:) Have a fantabulous week.. it is now.. 12am.. and I have to be up in 5 1/2hours lol ;) but... so much to do with my schedule ... (2online and 2oncampus classes besides the aerobic one.. kids..pets...volunteering..committees...etc...) that I am having trouble unwinding ... maybe when we get this first week of classes out of the way.. then my routine will slide back to normal .. hmmm..

Good Nite :) :)

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