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So my sister and I want to Lose a total Of 30 pounds by May. I don't think that it's impossible.I do actually think we can reach that goal. When we first started our diet we both thought we would see results over night and when we didn't we would give up. Now we know this is a rest of your life thing,if you want to stay healthy and in shape you have to work at it every day and change bad habits. Since we have changed the way we eat and exercise we noticed the change. We had to get our minds into it as well. While it still is a work in progress I feel that we are doing good.If anybody has any tips in helping us reach our goal please share with us. Thanks for the support.

@ 11:43am ET on February 10, 2009
I just love it that you guys have each other for support and motivation! That is a HUGE key in success. I don't have any tips really, I just wanted to say that I am jealous of that! You guys are doing great, and even if you don't see a 30 pound loss by May, you are still going to see some awesome results at this rate!

@ 1:27pm ET on February 10, 2009
You have a great opportunity in this real-life support system! I'm sure you will lose weight by keeping each other on track! Good luck!!!

@ 8:58pm ET on February 10, 2009
I did have great success with Body For Life, it is a tremendous program that if you commit to you can find will absolutely fit in by May...but it is hard work, you really have to hit the gym, track and grocery story hard.

I did find a very good supplement that work awesome for me over the last 6 weeks to lose 10 that is something else you can look at, you can learn more about it on the blog...Win The World's Most Amazing Chocolate! I am sponsoring it so am a little bias but it does work.

@ 3:12am ET on May 30, 2012
i real need a diet real need to loose weiight please assist

@ 2:44am ET on November 18, 2013
Your metabolic rate is responsible for you being overweight, underweight or having a healthy weight.
Your health and fitness is about your metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate means that your body is functioning properly, and your weight stays at a healthy level.



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