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Celebrities and Diet

by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Here is a cardio workout for you to try this week.  If you aren't on the interval/HIIT bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for?  Not only does it burn more calories than steady state but it's also less boring.  You burn more fat than carbs (as compared with steady state), and if done in the morning, you will (slightly) burn more calories throughout the day doing your regular routine.  


  • 10-minute Warm Up Jog  4-6 RPE

  • 1-minute Run 7 RPE

  • 30-sec Recovery Jog RPE 5

  • Repeat Run/Recovery 3X

  • 30-sec Recovery Jog 5 RPE

  • 30-sec Sprint 9 RPE

  • 1-minute Recovery Jog 5 RPE 

  • Repeat Sprint/Recovery 8x

  • 5-minute Cool Down 4 RPE

  • RPE is the rate of perceived effort.  You should be able to kinda sing Happy Birthday at a level of 5, speak a few breathy words at 7 and not be able to talk at 9.  

    Have you tried using interval training yet?  If not, how come?

    @ 3:23am ET on January 13, 2011
    i havent tried interval training i was going to try last summer but i ended up hurting my back b4 i could and now i cant really run without major pain so i am looking for different cardio workouts...

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