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More Ammo For Your Workout

by Ammo, Fitness Professional

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Of all the wonderful areas of the human body, I believe the butt is one of the top three attractions.
Now whether you like onlookers, or want to glue a "butt out of my business" sign on your lower back, more than likely, it will not go unnoticed. Whether it looks like two eggs in a hanky, two bags of Jell-O, or your favorite surfboard, I know three great exercises that'll give you more bang for your butt!

An exercise using more than one joint (compound exercises) for your glutes works best because you can use more weight. That means you burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

That's where squats and lunges come in; they're the top two toning exercises.

1. Squats
Choosing your degree of difficulty - hands on waist, dumbbells in hand, or barbell on back. Then start with your feet hip-width apart. With your weight on your heels, push the hips out and bend the knees until the thighs are parallel with the floor, making sure the back is straight and your chest is up at all times. Return to standing position squeezing the glutes.

Repeat 8-12 times choosing a weight that will cause fatigue with the chosen amount of reps.

2. Single Leg Squat
Same concept as squat, but a bit more challenging on core stability and balance. Depending on degree of skill, from easiest to hardest, you would start out with hands stretched out in front of you, hands on the waist, dumbbells in hand,or barbell on back. Start out balancing on one leg, with other leg next to grounded leg, both feet facing forward. With your weight on your heel, push the hips out and bend the knee as low as you can go without the knee caving inward. Try to keep the knee over middle toe as you descend without the knee going past the foot. Keep the back flat and the chest up. Stand back up to start position and squeeze the glutes. The other leg should be parallel to grounded leg at all times.

Repeat 8-12 times choosing a weight that will cause fatigue with the chosen amount of reps.

3. Lunges
Choosing degree of difficulty - hands on waist, dumbbells in hand, or barbell on back - start with feet hip-width apart. Take a giant step forward with chest up and back straight, bending both knees to a 90-degree angle. Rear knee should not touch the floor. Push yourself back up to starting position using the heel of the front foot, then squeeze the glutes in standing position.

Repeat 8-12 times choosing a weight that will cause fatigue with the chosen amount of reps, then switch legs.

Maximize these movements by squeezing your butt while standing tall in the end position. Use the appropriate weight that will cause fatigue in about 8-12 reps, in 2-3 sets.

Now if you want to stop the jingle bell song every time you walk or run, you're going to have to add some cardio and good eating habits.

In my opinion, nothing burns more like running uphill. Whether you're hiking or jogging uphill, you can burn 350-500 calories in an hour.

Do this often and you can trade those saddlebags for tight buns in no time!

Biking can also do the trick. A challenging spinning class or outdoor bike ride will also target muscles in your hip, thighs and butt areas.

NOTES: These exercises are generally for the physically fit and active. If you suffer from joint pain, or have cardiac-related problems, please consult a physician before starting a routine. Otherwise, seek an experienced personal trainer for proper techniques. For more information, check out www.ammoathletics.com

@ 12:46am ET on August 27, 2008
How long do you need to do these exercises before you see results. That being said that I am also following a healthy diet and 2hrs excercise 3x per week. I really want my but in better shape!!

@ 9:40am ET on August 27, 2008
Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. With a proper diet and doing these exercises twice a week, you should see and feel results within 3-4 weeks. Make sure you rest at least 72 hours before repeating these exercises. You can work other muscles in between these days, but definitely not the same muscles,given the fact that you really challenged yourself the first time around. Visit my website at ammoathletics.com to get another tip of the month! Thanks

@ 8:09am ET on October 6, 2008
my buns are flat ,also are you saying only do but exercises like on a mon and a thursday?

@ 11:31pm ET on October 7, 2008
You can get some shape to your buns with this routine. Yes if you do this monday,try it again thurs. Give your muscles time to rest. Visit ammoathletics.com for more tips!Enjoy!

@ 10:09am ET on April 28, 2009
i've a big but and i get problems when buying clothes specially of my chice thus i want reduce it.. so will exercise help in giving it a very nice and better shape..

@ 12:00pm ET on April 28, 2009
Absolutely! Along with a sensible diet you can lose all some unwanted fat and tone your tush with these exercises.

@ 3:52pm ET on August 29, 2009
Okay.If u repeat this exercises 2x a week,how long should you wait until you get the results you want?

@ 4:13pm ET on August 29, 2009
Everyone is different. Someone can see a difference in just two weeks, some in two months! Genetics is the greatest factor, followed by consistency and hard work. However, generally people see a difference in 4-6 weeks. Hope that helps!

@ 11:16am ET on September 17, 2009
Don't laugh...I'm a guy who's had double hip surgery (non-replacement) and a stress fracture of the knee within the past few years. It's been explained to me that because of this some muscles have not been firing properly and that I've been losing muscle mass in my thighs and glutes...rapidly.
What can I do that can at least stop, if not reverse this process. I feel like I'm melting away.

@ 12:38pm ET on September 17, 2009
Hi Thurston. First off, good for you for having the courage to continue working out despite your physical limitations. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to tell you exercises to perform without a personal assessment. It would be foolish and impractical of me to prescribe exercises without knowing your hip strength or range of motion. However, if you have done rehab, you can definitely continue those exercises. You can probably do things like floor bridges, (laying on your back, knees bent, then elevating the hips up and down) or body weight squats (sitting and standing) without pain but I wouldn't know. Your physician could tell you what you can do, since they have had hands on experience with you. If you would like a phone consultation, email me at ammo@ammothletics.com to coordinate. I hope that helps, and let me know how it goes.

@ 5:08pm ET on September 17, 2009
Thank You for your response...the body weight squats sound like a good sub for "regular" squats, which I tried to do but still have weakness (and pain) in my knee that's recovering from stress fracture.

@ 2:42pm ET on June 1, 2012
I am 22 years old, and pretty much except for my butt and thighs I am in good shape, will this excersise help me

@ 8:20am ET on October 15, 2012
In today's time everyone wants to looks beautiful for this it is necessary you should have proper shape and size of body,it is require to put efforts in eating and exercise you have to do on daily basis.
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