Kristina Maury graduated summa cum laude from Howard University in 2007, earning a B.A. in broadcast journalism. She is a member of the Harvard Law School Class of 2011. In her free time she enjoys sampling new dishes, finding time for fitness, and blogging for Diet.com.

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Fitness U.

by Kristina Maury, Collegiate Correspondent

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Thanks to endless reading assignments, research papers, and exams, overworked college students may find that sometimes it's entirely too easy to skimp on doing the simple things they enjoy.

My solution to this problem: multitasking at the gym.

By pairing my favorite things with working out, not only do I get to check enjoyable tasks off of my to-do list, but I've also made the gym a more pleasurable experience for me as opposed to a chore. I now look forward to my trips to the gym and because working out is a healthy activity, I don't have to rationalize my visits.

gymIf it wasn't for the gym, I'd never find time to read about the latest beauty products in Allure or to watch my favorite shows on HGTV.

If you're like me and working out doesn't come naturally, you too may need to find ways to make gym visits a welcome distraction.

A few ideas:

-- For your listening pleasure, make a workout playlist featuring your favorite upbeat songs.

-- If your gym equipment is outfitted with TV screens, visit the gym when your must-see show is on so you can enjoy it while working out. Or, you can simply download your favorite shows onto your iPod.

-- Bring along your favorite magazine or a non-school related book. You may also want to look into audio books to keep your hands free.

-- If you're new to working out, start out with an exercise that you actually like. If you hate your routine, you're simply not going to enjoy gym visits.

-- The more the merrier! Go to the gym with friends and be sure to exchange juicy gossip while on the treadmills.

ABOUT ME: In undergrad, my idea of exercise included dancing in clubs into the wee hours and walking to and from classes. As for my diet, breakfast consisted of Red Bulls and 3 a.m. IHOP visits, lunch was generally non-existent and pizza was a late-night staple. Now that I'm in grad school, I've come to realize the important roles that health and fitness play when it comes to academic success. I'm no longer "allergic" to sweat and I make an effort to fit the gym into my hectic schedule. Although I'm still no stranger to Red Bull, my new and improved lifestyle is helping me to make the grade.

@ 6:29am ET on February 19, 2020
I usually listen my favorite songs whenever I am working out because they increase my focus on exercises. I asked my friends to do my essay for me cheap now. Because of my habit of listening songs, my duration of working out increases significantly.

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