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Well, it's been a very interesting week, between getting a crown at the dentist, going vegan, discovering that my blood pressure has gone way down (98/70!), and tomorrow I'm going to the local botanical gardens with my mom for my reward for doing 5 hours of exercise this week.

I've been vegetarian for several years and trying to make as many vegan choices as I felt I could, so when my mom let me borrow a book she found that said that a low-fat, vegan diet that concentrated on foods low on the glycemic index could cure diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, I figured it was worth giving a try (and it didn't hurt as a testimonial that my mom has lost seven pounds in two weeks doing this!). This is definitely doing more than I was, but so far the only thing I miss is cheese. And I'm going to have to do more cooking, something that is going to be a real stretch for me. But I have tons of recipes to try, and I've already been doing more now than I had ever before. So maybe it won't be too bad!

@ 8:36pm ET on May 11, 2007
Let me know how it turns out! I cant go strict vegan b/c i love chicken lol but i want to add more healthy choices in my diet with veggies. So let me know if the book helps and if so what it is.
good luck

@ 11:02am ET on May 27, 2007
So far, so good, Kitten! I'll include more details in my blog after my doctor appointment in two weeks.

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