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I'm celebrating today. After a mini-plateau that annoyed me to no end, I have finally reached my next mini-goal of 30 pounds of weight loss since beginning this program! I stalled at 25 pounds, but I took to heart something Dr. Kushner said about plateaus in one of the live chats. He said that plateaus are a great time not only to re-evaluate your meals and exercise choices, but also to celebrate the successes you've had so far. It was such a positive spin on the whole plateau thing that I couldn't help but use the time more productively than I would have thought possible a few months ago. Now, with an exercise program that is more inclusive of resistance training and includes interval training in its cardio sessions, I feel much better than I have in a long while. And the plateau is over, for now! On to the next mini-goal, full speed ahead! :D

@ 9:42am ET on August 12, 2008
Wow!!! Way to go! Thanks for sharing about your plateau and your plateau busting!!!! It is great to celebrate your success with you!!! What is your next mini goal?? Patty

@ 9:54am ET on August 12, 2008
My next mini-goal is 175, which will be a loss of a total of 50 pounds. Thanks for asking! :D

@ 10:47am ET on August 12, 2008
Yay, I'm sooooo happy for you!!!

@ 3:05pm ET on August 12, 2008
Woo hoo! That's great! Way to break through that plateau! ~Sara :o)

@ 3:38pm ET on August 12, 2008
wow well done! i'm celebrating today too!

@ 8:19pm ET on August 12, 2008
Yeah baby!! :) Bring on more loss!! You rock!!!!!!!!

I'm happy for you,

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