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I think my mind is gradually turning towards fitness as fun (and boy is that weird for me!).

I'm taking a vacation the last week of May and, when a friend asked what I was planning to do then, I listed a bunch of "definitely not fun" things, like getting a crown and a filling at the dentist, getting my blood tested, getting my car tuned up, getting my car registration... and not one fun thing was in the list. So I decided to find some fun activities to add.

So far, I have added three things. I want to take a NIA exercise class, I want to take a water aerobics class, and I want to take a river walking class. Everything is exercise-related! And everything sounds like a lot of fun to me! Wow!!

@ 7:46pm ET on May 18, 2007
That is great! I can relate to what you are saying in the fact that I feel so good about myself after exercising that it is hard not to love it! But then somedays it is a battle getting myself to the gym. It can become boring when there is not much change in the exercises- it becomes more like a chore.

There is so much variation in your exercises that they ARE fun activities! Good for you!!

@ 7:47pm ET on May 18, 2007
Good for you! I remember back in the day when I used to LOVE to exercise...I hope I can get back to that point someday.

@ 8:15am ET on May 19, 2007
We warned you about exercise!! We told you it could be addicting!! LOL

@ 10:50am ET on May 27, 2007
I have to admit, I didn't completely believe you at the time, but you are right, Steffysue, you did warn me about exercise being addictive!

Apparently, at least one of these exercises sounded good to my mom too. She wants to join me on the riverwalking.

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