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Diet Talk from the Doc

by Dr.Diet, Diet.com's Medical Director

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You step on it, read the number and then you step off. Your relationship with your scale isn't too great and sometimes it's darn awful but you still feel married to it. It's time to make peace with your scale, says registered dietitian Emily Vig.

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Stabilize Your Love-Hate Relationship with Your Scale

You and your scaleDr. Diet weighs in:

No matter what your relationship is with your scale, following Ms. Vig's 4 relationship-building and easy-to-follow steps will help you improve it.

Step 1: Use one scale

--Be loyal to your home scale and don't "scale hop". Resist the temptation to jump on your friend's scale or even the gym scale which needs regular calibration to be accurate.

Step 2: Be consistent at weigh-ins

--Wear the same clothes (or no clothes) and weigh yourself at the same time of day and on the same day each week. And make sure your scale is on a hard surface for the most accurate reading.

Step 3: Expect fluctuations

--Minor daily ups and downs can occur and these can be irritating and confusing which is why weekly weigh-ins work best for many people. Instead of minor fluctuations, what you're looking for is a general trend toward weight loss or weight gain.

Step 4: Use other measurements

--The mirror gives you a good idea of how your clothes are fitting - so use it regularly, says Ms. Vig.

What I've found also is that there are many other measures of success that occur faster than weight loss. My suggestion is to write these down on an index card and tape them in your bathroom near your scale, so rather than feeling disappointed if the scale doesn't budge one week, you'll be reminded that you:

--have more energy
--are sleeping better
--feel sexier
--can sit on the ground and play with your kids
--can climb stairs without feeling winded
--are in a better mood
--feel more in control

Keep adding to this list and before you know it, you and your scale may be looking toward a long, happy life together.

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