Kate discovered yoga as a college graduate, and was immediately charmed. The practice brought serenity as well as exercise, and proved to be a pleasant alternative to the gym. Kate has found yoga to be a powerful tool for fitness, strength and flexibility, as well as self discovery. She completed the first stage of her teacher training in February, 2011 and loves sharing the joy yoga has brought to her life through her teaching.

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Peace, Love, Yoga

by Kate Lindberg, Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

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Springtime YogaSpringtime serves as a powerful catalyst for refreshing my workout routine. The winter blahs can make it difficult to motivate, and I find that in cold temperatures I am far more likely to practice yoga at home than to venture out to a studio. While a home practice can be wonderfully rewarding, I like to break it up with group yoga classes, which provide variety and support, not to mention a change of scenery. Mild spring weather and increased hours of daylight are just the kick in the pants I need to move my practice from my living room floor to some great local studios.

Even in the best of weather, however, I do sometimes find myself in a yoga rut. Attending the same class week after week is a lovely way to connect with a teacher and make some yogi pals, as well as become a part of that studio's community. Every now and then, though, I love to throw a wrench in my yoga gears.

Spring, the season of rebirth, is a wonderful time to mix up your routine and try a new class or two. Maybe you venture to a new yoga studio, try a different style, or see what an unfamiliar teacher has to offer. Often studios will host workshops and special classes as well.

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be a challenge. Even if your experiment in variety isn't your favorite, however, the new experience can be truly refreshing and rewarding. If you're a die-hard power yoga junkie, mix things up with a restorative class. If, like me, you tend to stick with a familiar class or teacher, consider branching out. Are you used to always practicing in the evening after school or work? Try out a morning class and see what it can do for your energy. Investigate studio websites to see if there's a workshop that appeals to you.

Yoga has become so popular in today's world, and as such we have a wealth of options to explore. Whether you find a new favorite style, connect with a great teacher, or even decide one wasn't for you, mixing up your routine is a wonderfully rejuvenating practice to shake things up during this season of renewal.

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