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Well.. I havent been on regularly in quite some time... Met a few people on here, and have taken it into email, messenger and even the facebook/myspace journey.

When I joined this site i was around 186.. I hit 205 this past spring and that was SOOOOO not where I wanted to be. I did buy a WII for my christmas since nobody else remembers me 4 the holidays/birthdays.. and was SO eager to use it.. but the tiny cramped house we were in.. it sat around from Jan until May when we moved.. I get on for an hour.....or 3... every 2 or 3 nites.. (and I work 3 to 5 days a week) So... FINALLY got under the 200marker (sitting at 197 right now) and thats only.. 3weeks of ACTIVELY doing my WII routines. I do have that combined with lots of H2O and a multi vitamin.. and some lttle blue pill my friend wanted 2 take so SHE could drop 100#. problem is.. we are supposed to be supporting each other and working together. I bust out the WII as often as I can get her kids off the tv and videogames at nite.. but she just complains that Im not eating the Grapefruit and bagel type diet she wants me to do with her.

I AM losing inches *Love that I can see the change in my tummy!!!* weight.. not as much as I would like.. but it was SO nice to hop on the scale n say WOW.. 7pounds!!! walked around work and then through a store thinking *Im pretty* :)

Okay.. yeah :) so.. HAPPY HAPPY and doing a little better than last year around the wedding time.. and.. with the help of the Wii.. and my own (now that I found it) motivation... (mmmm.. like the inches leaving) I WILL keep this weight OFF and I will lose MORE by next year :)

No big goals for short term.. I think 7pounds a month would keep me happy :) since I know some of that is turning 2 muscle with the weight training thrown in there :)

So.. until next time :) Hope everyone here SMILES and Keeps looking for the Sunshine in it all :)


@ 8:56am ET on July 15, 2010
I love the last comment! I'm glad you are doing well! My doctor said bagels are the worst thing you can have for breakfast. Too much per serving and all that jazz. You should be loosing the way you want long as you're loosing. If you aren't and she is, then change a few things. Good luck, and may the shwartz be with you!

@ 6:22pm ET on August 2, 2010
oh thats great! i got really happy towards the end of your blog! :)

thank you for adding me this is the first time i've seen ya

and you WILL keep the weight off...make working out a part of your life like

and u will always be able to keep the weight off!

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