Shrink Yourself blogger Dr. Roger Gould is one of the world’s leading authorities on emotional eating. He has helped thousands reclaim their power over food by conquering emotional eating, the number one cause of weight gain. Dr. Gould’s approach has been the subject of seven scientific studies.

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Shrink Yourself

by Dr. Roger Gould, Emotional eating expert

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Today we're going to take a look at the missing third ingredient of the weight loss puzzle.

The Missing Ingredient to Weight LossEveryone knows there are just two ingredients to losing weight, right? Those are:

Ingredient #1: A sensible eating plan

Ingredient #2: A regular exercise routine

Right? No... WRONG! If losing weight was that simple, everyone would be slim. Here's the good news: If you've failed at losing weight, it's not your fault because you haven't had the information required to succeed. Here's the missing third ingredient that very few know:


Emotional eating is the eating (often overeating) that we do when we feel stress or have bad feelings. It's not eating out of physical hunger; it's eating to deal with the feelings that arise from relationship, financial, child rearing, work and other life issues.

You've probably heard Oprah talk about it. She's not alone. I conducted a study of 10,000 dieters and 97% reported breaking their diet due to stress.

Let's find out if you break diets because of emotional eating.

Do you say any of the following statements to yourself:

  • "No one is going to tell me what to eat.

  • "I deserve this piece of cake, candy, chocolate, whatever."

  • "I ate so well, I can afford to eat what I want now."

  • "Food will calm me down."

  • "I'm so bored that all I can think about is food."

  • "I want it and I don't care if I shouldn't have it."

  • "I've failed so many times, I just don't believe I will ever lose the weight."

  • "I know what I should eat but I just can't do it."

  • "I can't stick to an exercise regime."

  • "I don't follow through on things."

  • "I give to everyone, when will someone ever give to me?"

  • "I'm messy or disorganized."

  • "I feel empty inside."

  • "I'm constantly filled with fear and worry."

  • "I'm frustrated."

  • "I'll start tomorrow."

  • "I can't stand the idea of failing one more time."

  • If any of these statements are the kind of things that you say to yourself, then you are probably an emotional eater. You're eating when your emotions get the better of you, not just to satisfy physical hunger.

    You have to overcome emotional eating if you want to lose weight and keep it off forever. It's a skill that you probably don't have, but it's a skill that you can learn.

    Overcoming emotional eating is the missing third ingredient to losing weight. When you understand and learn how to end emotional eating you will have the power to succeed at any eating plan and exercise regime.

    Dr. Roger Gould is one of the world's leading authorities on emotional eating and adult development. A board-certified psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and former head of Community Psychiatry and Outpatient Psychiatry at UCLA, he is the author of Transformations and Shrink Yourself. Dr. Gould is also founder of the Shrink Yourself online program, an effective, proven program that ends emotional eating.

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