Kerryn O'Sullivan is a high school physical education teacher, certified personal trainer, and coach. Kerryn's passions include teaching others how to take better care of themselves so they can live long, healthy lives. Kerryn has expanded her audience to YouTube.com with her FunctionalFitnessKO channel offering tips on fitness and healthy eating.

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Functional Fitness

by Kerryn O'Sullivan, CPT, Physical Education teacher
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I don't know why women don't understand this TRUE statement: You will not look "like a guy" if you lift weights. I'm a high school physical education teacher. Some of my classes will take place in the school's fitness center where students get to workout. The girls either stick to the bikes or the three to five pound weights. What is going on?

women weights

The private gym I belong to is a little better but nowhere near what it should be. I'll take a Zumba class on a Monday night and there will be 60 women there (and one or two guys, which is pretty cool).

Where are all of these ladies when it comes to weight lifting? I sure don't see the free weights area packed with women. There's a handful, for sure. Don't all of the other women see these weight-lifting ladies? They are curling 55 lbs, benching 85 lbs, squatting 100 lbs. They don't look like men; their muscles aren't bulging out of their clothes. They have curves; they look like fit, sexy women.

Without an extremely strict, specific nutrition plan and spending five hours in the gym, and perhaps some "supplements," you won't get "big". I promise. We can't because we don't have as much testosterone.

You got it, forget those three-pound weights. You will get that tight toned body by lifting weights! Go for it!!

Kerryn O'Sullivan, CPT & Physical Education teacher

@ 1:24pm ET on September 20, 2010
Hey, muscle also burns more calories:)
Thanks for sharing!

@ 1:19pm ET on September 23, 2010
I really liked your blog! I feel the same way about our young ladies playing soccer. I tried to get some to play with the neighborhood boys and I couldn't get a single one! The one girl actually told me it would be too boring for her! But walking around aimlessly is so much more exciting I guess.

@ 3:17pm ET on October 6, 2010
good blog as always =)
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