Dr. Lionel Bissoon has pioneered the use of Mesotherapy in the U.S. to combat cellulite. He recently published The Cellulite Cure which describes his research and is full of case studies, before-and-after photos and straightforward advice. He has helped thousands of women experience cellulite-free legs and buttocks. His website is www.cellulite.md

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Fighting Cellulite: Truths & Myths

by Dr. Lionel Bissoon, Cellulite expert

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by Dr. Lionel Bissoon
Author, The Cellulite Cure

A disability is defined as something which prohibits one from engaging in normal activities or functions which was previously performed effortlessly. Cellulite fits this definition as it creates psychological and physical impairments which alter function. When compared to other forms of disabilities, it certainly belongs in the category of physical and psychological disability.

How exactly can I say that cellulite disables a person? Women with cellulite struggle with their self-esteem, self security and overall sense of well being. Many people with this condition see themselves as unattractive and are apprehensive, or even downright ashamed to expose their thighs in public. They avoid clothing such as swimsuits, shorts or other revealing clothing.

Women with cellulite often describe their fear of ridicule and embarrassment when they speak of their legs. This fear leads to decreased enjoyment of normal activities. The distress involved in hiding parts of the body due to this embarrassment has an impact on romantic relationships and sex drive. Some of my patients have a difficult time even being nude or intimate with their spouse or significant other, thus affecting their level of intimacy.

The disability produced by cellulite impacts a woman’s entire social life. To make matters worse, many people search in desperation for a cure, only to find misleading information which takes away their hopes and condemn them to a life of physical-psychological distress.

The medical community does not see cellulite as a medical condition, but rather as a cosmetic condition. The medical establishment has largely ignored cellulite and continues to alienate women by giving them the same old advice that there is nothing to do but live with it.

Cellulite is a very disabling and disfiguring condition for women. The disability affects all aspects of their lives and should be taken seriously.

Pioneering the use of Mesotherapy in the U.S. to combat cellulite, Dr. Lionel Bissoon has helped thousands of women experience cellulite-free legs and buttocks. Complete with case studies, before-and-after photos and straightforward advice, his new book, "The Cellulite Cure" offers hope to cottage cheese thighs everywhere. To discover the only proven treatment option for cellulite, go to www.CelluliteCure.com.

@ 11:29am ET on April 8, 2008
I think that "curing" cellulite is great. I think that allowing women to think they are victims of cellulite is deplorable.

@ 2:20pm ET on April 8, 2008
I've been thinking about MESOTHERAPY once I'm on my last 5-10 lbs for the stubborn love handles! Thank heavens we've got a Doctor on board who's very much in the know about this.

How many vials does would it take? we have here 4 vials for a session. They say that 3 session may melt away the stubborn cellulites or take inches off from the love handles that just seemed so hard to get rid of.

From your experience, from your patience how many sessions did it take for them to have like 2-3 inches out from those stubborn spots? Oh, abdomen too!

@ 5:05pm ET on April 9, 2008
In the article, I did not use the word "victim".
The purpose of the blog was to convey how my patients and women with cellulite feel about themselves. My intent was to focus on the emotional and physical impact cellulite has on women.

I know of no one who walks around bragging about their cellulite or one who is happy to put theirs on display to the world.

Cellulite is treated as a "cosmetic condition" rather than a medical condition, whcih is why the medical profession ignores the problem. As I stated before my goal is to educate people about this condition which affects over ninty percent of women.

@ 5:27pm ET on April 9, 2008
Prior to being treated with Mesotherapy for cellulite, you need to know your grade. If you have visible cellulite, it's most likely a Grade 2. Grade 3 is rare. Treatment of cellulite requires 10-15 sessions. I find it difficult to belive that someone can predict you need 3 sessions.

When you speak of vials, I am no sure what you are speaking about. There are several things you need to make sure before recieving treatment. You need to make sure the medications are FDA approved or compounded in a state licensed pharmacy. Ususally, when people speak of "vials" it refers to illegally imported medications. You should ask what are in the "vials". If the person administering the procedure does not convey exactly what is in the vial, do not let them perform the treatment. Oh, and Please make sure the person performing the procedure has a licensed to practice.

Mesotherapy is an effective treatment for weight loss, body sculpting and cellulite. You can loose a 2-3 inches in 3-4 sessions assuming there is no underlying medical problems. I always recommend a healthy diet and an exercise program with Mesotherapy for weight loss.

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