John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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Weight loss motivation is kids' stuff for Diet.com member Kris. After just two months of dieting, she's down 26 pounds and halfway to her goal weight!

Kris, who goes by the username Momto3inIL, started her New Year with a resolution to lose enough weight to give her the energy to play with her three young children.

"I was really hoping to be under the 200-pound mark to start March," she says. "What I really need to do is put exercise at the top of my daily to-do list. I have to make it number one... I need to get in the habit!"

After chatting with Kris last week, I agree this determined dieter needs to lighten up... on herself. Losing 26 pounds in 8 weeks is making super progress.

Most experts declare healthy weight loss as somewhere between 1.8 and 2 pounds per week. What Kris is encountering appears to be a weight loss plateau -- the scale-stalling period when the body adjusts before making more progress.

"My starting weight was 226 and right now I weigh 200," Kris tells Diet.com. "My original goal is 170, but we will see when I get there."

Kris, 38, had tried many other weight loss plans, including Weight Watchers, but felt Diet.com offered more of what she needed at this time -- things like a more affordable price and greater support.

"Last December I started looking for a new weight loss plan," she notes. "I knew I was going to start a new diet on January 1.

"I first checked out online diets like eDiets, but I didn't want to spend that much money. Same goes for Weight Watchers.

"Being a Wal-Mart Associate, I found the answer right there in my employee perks."

Diet.com offers Premium Memberships to Wal-Mart workers for a budget price. Kris bit at the offer and has been smiling ever since.

She knows the Diet.com is a bargain at any price!

"I felt Diet.com offers encouragement rather than a strict 'eat this, not that' or 'eat exactly this many calories' type of diet plan," she says.

"Weight Watchers points seemed too overwhelming for me. And I didn’t want something that makes me have certain foods or a specific diet."

Kris credits a common-sense approach to her success. Suppers remain the same for her and her family. The only difference is that she eats hers on salad plates and makes sure she eats proper portions.

"I have four crackers with soup now rather than a lot more," she notes. "It's a proper serving. My son noticed and now he has four crackers too.

"That makes me happy. I want him to have the correct idea when it comes to eating healthy.

"I want this to be the last diet for me and my family!"

Breakfast for 5-foot-9 Kris is whole-grain cereal. To ward off diet-wrecking mid-morning cravings, she doubles up on the serving.

"I work in a distribution center and we have a cafeteria but I bring my own food to steer clear of the unhealthy food served there and in the vending machines," she says.

"I'm a penny pincher and I've noticed that my grocery bill has gone down a little bit since I stopped buying the bad snacks.

"It's fresh veggies and fruits for me now. I try to watch my calories and get plenty of veggies and fruit."

Kris says she has the right mindset to keep moving in the light direction.

"I'm doing good and getting used to eating right," she says. "I don't have to think too much anymore.

"The other day I ran into a friend who noticed my weight loss and asked me about the diet I was following. She asked me, 'Aren't you hungry?' I responded, 'Actually, no!'"

Kris says she likes to read the Diet.com member blogs. She really enjoys when other members comment on her blogs.

She uses the exercise tracker and updates her weight tracker frequently.

"Diet.com motivates me and keeps me in check," she says. "It makes me want to succeed even more.

"My doctor is impressed too. He is happy that my knee pain has decreased since I dropped the pounds."

But the sweetest part of her Diet.com experience has been the increase in energy... energy that's important for keeping up with three growing kids.

"I was tired of not being able to go out and play ball with kids in back ...    Continue

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@ 4:46pm ET on March 1, 2009
CONGRATULATIONS Chris for losing 26 pounds! That is AWESOME! I know with your determination you will definitely meet your goal. Remember, one pound at a time is all it takes! GOOD FOR YOU!


@ 5:22pm ET on March 1, 2009
You're doing great! I like that story about your son, you are definitely becoming a great role model for your kids! Keep it up!!!

@ 9:02pm ET on March 2, 2009

@ 6:58pm ET on March 3, 2009
Great news Kris! Your hard work and dedication is paying off. The size of food portions is the main reason people are overweight because they are not able to get enough exercise to burn off the amount of calories they take in. Awesome to see your progress :D


@ 11:29pm ET on March 3, 2009
Outstanding!! You are an inspiration Kris!!!

@ 1:15pm ET on March 6, 2009
you're doing great!! keep up the hard work.
Its just that I am 15 pounds overweight and
don't know how to loose it. But I guess I'll
have to follow your strategy!! and dedication
to meet mine as well!
All the best!!!


@ 1:15pm ET on March 6, 2009
you're doing great!! keep up the hard work.
Its just that I am 15 pounds overweight and
don't know how to loose it. But I guess I'll
have to follow your strategy!! and dedication
to meet mine as well!
All the best!!!


@ 6:11am ET on February 16, 2013
Great job Kris, congrats on your weight loss! Keep it up and you will hit your goal soon girl!

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