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Well, I wrote here 29(ish) days ago...and lots going on since then.. and continuing from then..
School resumed for the kids on Jan 6th. Since then.. we have had 9 snow days out of 20 school days. For 1 week of snow days (friday through Thursday) Hubby was at a hotel (part of our seperation agreement) and then his ex decided (again) that she cant handle their son.. so while hubby was at the hotel, I had... My 3 kids, my stepson, 2 pups (year old pits) as well as... LOTS of snow to contend with.. and a broken furnace among many many issues.

When I joined the WLC... I thought it was a great start to my year..then I wasn't able to get online.. and I know even though I did set my goals for where I want to be at the end of that... I won't come close :(
Now... Hubby and I have been Seperated since Mid-Dec..and he will be completely out of the house in 3wks or less (Yes.. I am ready... and the kids are beyond ready...)
yes, him going is a HUGE stress relief on me and my kids... all 3 are going to go through adjustments.. but the biggest?? in the 2wks Hubby was gone?? My 12yr old son.. stopped having accidents at night... the stress on him was so bad.. and of course.. DUH I never connected.. since Im the mom.. dad... and everything else through the course of this marriage.. :(

BIG Good for me though?? I started at 220... first week after deciding to seperate us from him.. I dropped to 213... really got frustrated .. thought.. with all the bs and stress. not going to drop ANY... and...

.... .... I am at 207# !!!!!!!!!!! So.. really.. okay.. 3wks and I only lost 6#.. but YAY !!! That was a major bonus after a really EEEEEEKKKKK week !!! <3

Okay.. ranting about hubby *grrrr* is over ... I'll keep that to the paper *diaries* the kids and I have been doing the last few months ;) (great kid therapy.. and good insight into whats going on in their minds... !)

:) YAY... 220... 213...207... Hey.. its not great.. but since my knee doesn't like me.. I'm getting my workouts packing all his stuff.. and rearranging the house !! :) <3

@ 5:25pm ET on February 3, 2014
Wow, lots of changes going on for you! Unbelievable that the kids had so many snow days already!! I have to say that you losing 6 lbs in 3 weeks is GREAT! It's right on track with a healthy rate of weight loss that doctors recommend, which is about 1-2 lbs/week. Sounds like you may have been holding onto some unrealistic expectations about how much weight you should be losing, so I hope it's helpful for you to know that you're right on track! I love the idea of you and your kids doing diaries to see how you're all feeling during this time of change. You sound like a wonderful mother :)

@ 8:15am ET on March 2, 2020
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