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intuitive eating
The "healthy" beautiful body in media has become increasingly unattainable day by day. The sensationalized diets that are advertised to achieved these unrealistic standards are also very difficult to consistently stay on. Unfortunately, diets have caused a lot more harm than good in recent years, which is why many nutrition experts have vocally expressed how intuitive eating is the solution. This way of living not only is effective, but it will also enable you to maintain a healthy physique your body will naturally mold into.

Forget Diet Culture

The most important thing to keep in mind when intuitive eating is to forget diet culture. Constantly feeling bad and guilty when you've had a big meal or a few days on a break from your diet is the very thing that is stunting you from your fullest potential. The idea of cheat meals can also be detrimental to your mind and body. Instead see them as treat meals that are actually re-feeds for your body and mental health.

Track Nutrients

Lose the calorie counting apps and start manually tracking your nutrient consumption. The body needs to be nourished properly and when you're aware of how many nutrients your consuming, you'll find it much easier not to over indulge.

Understand Mindful is Intuitive Eating

Mindful eating is key when you intuitive eat, because it amplifies your awareness to your fullness. Listening to your body requires you to actually understand what your body craves and how much it wants, not how much you want. Being mindful and appreciative when you eat will also give you a better perspective on how eating is fueling your body, and not just mending a certain craving.

Increase Water Consumption

Increasing your water intake will really help to make listening to your body a lot less challenging. Water helps to regulate metabolism. Your body also often sends signals of hunger when really it’s thirsty. By drinking water instead of snacking, you’ll be filling your body’s real need without adding on extra calories.
Suffering from an eating disorder or body dysmorphia can be a lot but with intuitive eating you can regain the control of your body. There are anorexia and bulimia treatment centers available that do help with this approach. Not over stressing on calories and shifting your attention to macros and nutrients can really pay off in the long run. Your mind and body will finally be working together rather against each other when you intuitively eat.

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