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Hello out there to all my friends or those of you who may not know me. I haven't been on in quite awhile! I do have good news to share FINALLY. I have lost 9 pounds so far and am on my way to getting healthy! I've changed my eating and have started the Insanity workout program. Yes, the Insanity 60-day madness where you're supposed to shed weight like crazy LOL. I did my fit test and 2 days of the workouts so far and I must say, it is INSANITY! I lost 8 pounds before starting and have lost 1 pound so far on it. I am eating a LOT more fruits, veggies, and protein and I'm feeling good!

The plan is to shape up a bit before finally starting a family. Although I wish I could get to my goal weight, I've been waiting long enough to "trim down" enough to where I would feel comfortable being pregnant and gaining weight and I can't hold out much longer! So, I'm hoping the 2 months of Insanity along with my healthier eating will help in the process. More to come on my progress, so wish me luck because I'm so sore right now that I'll need all the help I can get! Stay tuned! ~Sara :o)

P.S. Is anyone out there doing Insanity or have done Insanity that has some words of wisdom?

@ 2:07pm ET on May 17, 2012
Hi Sara!

I own Insanity. But haven't actually followed through the whole program from beginning to end due to following my own work out regime and only having enough time for that. My 3 friends are all doing the program together. The one girl posted a pic of herself 2 weeks into it...WOW she looks awesome. I know that there are nights that they do not feel like working out (I know this because they tweet about it), but push each other to get another night in. So my advice to you is do your darn best to be consistent and follow it from beginning to end! Even on nights you feel blah...push yourself to do it! It will be worth it. Sean T is SO motivating! Just gotta pop in that DVD!

Good Luck. Keep blogging!! Kaylie

@ 2:55pm ET on May 17, 2012
How exciting that you're preparing to start a family! :) Babies are the best :D

I haven't done insanity, but I hear awesome things about it! I'm sure you'll see great results in no time! Stick with it, and you'll be glad you did :) Every pound you lose now is a step closer to an easier and healthier pregnancy!

@ 3:20pm ET on May 17, 2012
My husband and I are doing it together, so that helps a lot! There are some crazy moves I can't quite do (like these INSANE push-ups) so I just modify them with what I can do and keep going! We really motivate each other and there's no chance I am giving up! I was a little discouraged because I saw some posts on another site where people said they didn't really lose, etc., but I don't really know how you can't if you follow the program and eat right. I've cut out the processed crap and am eating healthier snacks that involve fruit or yogurt & more protein in my meals. So excited to keep pushing myself! I'm really proud of myself for doing it because to be honest, I was pretty scared to do it, but I know I can and I will! Thanks for the support! ~Sara :o)

@ 3:28pm ET on May 17, 2012
Hey Sara!! I was literally JUUUUST thinking about you this morning - so coincidental that you posted a blog today!

I'm THRILLED to hear your life update! You sound like you're doing GREAT! Congrats on the 9lbs loss - that's awesome!!

Good luck with Insanity - I hope you'll take progress pictures and post progress updates often!!

@ 5:48pm ET on May 17, 2012
Bailey, it's so good to come back here! How spooky that you were just thinking of me thins morning LOL I haven't told anyone about my Insanity program beause I want to drop the weight and people to be like "wow, what have you been doing?" I've come to the realization that when you tell people (at least the ones I know, especially people at work) that you're eating better, exercising, etc. it's like they try to sabotage you. No thanks! Too bad I missed the Spring Challenge!

@ 10:17pm ET on May 17, 2012
I haven't told anybody that I'm losing weight either, lol. And if they ask, I just say, "Its because of the breastfeeding. I'm not doing anything special." If they don't think I'm watching what I eat, they don't try to make me eat more, so that's a relief!

I don't know how much of the Insanity program is muscle-building, but I think you should take your measurements so that if you gain a bunch of muscle and your scale doesn't move much, you can take some measurements and be reassured. :)
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