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Sometimes when you have a craving, they say satisfy it but there is a difference between satisfying and indulging in something and tonight I INDULGED.
I wanted a little taste of chocolate and ice cream BUT I indulged! I had a magnum ice cream bar. It was a chocolate caramel coated ice cream bar. My goodness was it good but I know it was packing on the calories. Before I go to bed I want to do a 10 minute workout to console me for the indulge I did BUT I know it won't makeup for my cheat. I guess this was my cheat of the week, probably the month. I need to learn to better these urges

@ 7:50am ET on October 13, 2011
When I went to the the gym yesterday and the trainer asked how I was doing I told her that I had a big slip up on Tuesday. She told me that it was okay even good, because I probably shocked my body, and going right back on the diet was very good. It might even help me stay on my diet better and that eventually those cravings will be easier to pass up. I'm not sure if she was right but I do know that I felt just that tiniest bit better (and I went on the treadmill to try and work some off too lol). Get back on track and everything will be alright! :)
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