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This last week has been kinda surreal. I've had a cold that had me feeling crappy and semi-feverish. And work was super busy because I'm off next week and everybody was trying to cram everything they could in before I left (okay, it was me trying to cram everything in because I really hate and feel guilty when I'm off and somebody else has to do my work!). Which meant overtime. And most of the time when I wasn't at work was spent trying to sleep off this cold.

Only managed to get an hour of exercise the whole week (so no reward this week!). The eating hasn't been too bad, but the weight is just hovering right now.

@ 12:12pm ET on May 27, 2007
Once you feel better, you can get back on the exercise track. Sometimes your body just needs to rest, and recuperate.
Your weight loss will pick up when you feel up to exercising again, for now just focus on getting better, plenty of fluids, and eating healthy. Hope you feel better soon!

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