Kristina Maury graduated summa cum laude from Howard University in 2007, earning a B.A. in broadcast journalism. She is a member of the Harvard Law School Class of 2011. In her free time she enjoys sampling new dishes, finding time for fitness, and blogging for Diet.com.

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Fitness U.

by Kristina Maury, Collegiate Correspondent

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Vitamin Water. Those two words used to bring so much joy to my heart. I drank at least three bottles of Vitamin Water everyday -- morning, noon, night and sometimes as a midnight snack.

Vitamin Water was my go-to drink; it was an addiction. I realized I had a problem when my personal trainer asked me, “Do you drink water?” When I replied, “Well, I drink Vitamin Water,” he shook his head in disbelief and explained to me that Vitamin Water is not a replacement for water. Rather, Vitamin Water is sugar water masquerading itself as a health drink.

I was absolutely devastated... and angry at my trainer for telling me what should have been obvious. I mean, all I had to do was take a look at the nutrition info to see that one bottle contained a whopping 32.5 grams of sugar. But, you know what they say: love is blind.

If I was going to lose 5 pounds for spring break, I was going to have to give up Vitamin Water. This was going to be a challenge. Luckily, it was right around the time when I was deciding what to give up for Lent. Although I had already pledged to give up online shopping, I decided to attempt to rid myself of my Vitamin Water addiction too.

I was sure I wasn’t going to last two days. Everyday in the cafeteria I’d eye the neat rows of fun rainbow-hued bottles while unenthusiastically reaching for a bottle of Aquafina instead. To make matters worse, Vitamin Water decided to release two new enticing flavors while I was on my hiatus.

But somehow, I slowly managed to wean myself of my addiction. On Easter Sunday, I purchased a bottle and slowly took a sip, expecting fireworks. Lo and behold, there was no magic. I had overcome my addiction.

Grade A+: I can fit into my William Rast jeans again! Coincidence? Possibly.

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