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You probably know one or more people are suffering from obesity. Unfortunately, the problem with obesity goes beyond being one size or two above the size you would wish to be. Obesity is the main cause of cardiovascular disease as well as metabolic diseases like diabetes. The problem is becoming increasingly hard to tackle worldwide, but that isn’t to say that you cannot manage it.

As any renowned personal accident lawyer will tell you, you have to understand a situation before searching for answers. In this case, an understanding of the problem is important.
While genetics plays a role in who becomes obese and who doesn’t, it is important to note that it isn’t the only contributing factor. There are several other causes of obesity, but chief among them is uncontrolled appetite.
Uncontrolled appetite is the reason for obesity, and unfortunately, there are hormones involved. Most obese individuals have low leptin levels because leptin is one of the non-appetizing hormones. However, anyone suffering from obesity has high levels of ghrelin, an appetizing hormone. The imbalance between ghrelin and leptin is the main cause of obesity.

Other than low ghrelin and high leptin concentrations, the central nervous system is also involved. High dopamine levels are also thought to contribute to obesity. The increased consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods and stimulates the production of dopamine as a part of the reward system, hence uncontrolled eating.

Management of obesity with diet

It is important to note that any attempt at weight loss should target energy balance. This means that calories count, only that you will have to reduce the amount of food you take, as well as the contents of your plate.

Low-fat diet

Most processed foods are high in fats, and that is one of the reasons why you add on weight fast when eating high-fat foods. Reduction of the number of fats in food, especially the unhealthy fats plays a significant role in promoting good health, managing weight, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
You can start by reducing foods with transfats, sodium, cholesterol, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, added sugars, and alcohol.

Foods to eat

You should increase your intake of whole foods and grains, whole fruits, vegetables, plant oils like olives, as well as nuts, seeds, and beans, among other foods.
You also need to drink more water and other calorie-free foods.

Eat breakfast

The easiest way for you to avoid overeating is by starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Your breakfast should have enough unprocessed proteins and fewer carbs. It is feeling too. Eating a healthy breakfast is important because it prevents hunger pangs in the day. Hunger pangs are responsible for the poor food-related choices we make.

Eat mindfully

This means thinking about what is on your plate and why you are eating it. Mindfulness means that you avoid unnecessary calories and you will only eat when you are hungry. You should also learn to eat small portions slowly, as you use your senses to experience your food. For this, you should eat at home more.

Stay active

You don’t have to run for miles or stay in the gym for hours. Staying active is as simple as walking to the store, walking the dog, and taking the stairs instead of the lift.
Finally, you should limit your screen time and get enough sleep. Note that these apply to children as well.

@ 3:57am ET on June 25, 2018
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