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Most people do place some importance on teeth. Some people judge a person's personality by looking at their teeth. This means worrying about your smile actually makes sense, and caring for your teeth does not have to be too difficult. The following are just a few ways you can use your diet to keep your teeth bright.

Get to Scraping

One thing you can do to keep your teeth bright and clean is use foods that will help scrape your teeth as you eat. This means you should add foods like nuts other similar foods that have a crunch to your diet. You can add nuts to yogurts or even salads, which should make this an easy transition.

Salivation Helps

The first line of defense you have against cavity-causing bacteria that make restoration procedures like root canals necessary is your saliva. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by eating apples. Not only are apples crunchy enough to scrape your teeth, but they also contain malic acid. This active ingredient in apples help activate the salivary glands, which helps coat your teeth with more saliva.

Whitening Fruits

There are a few fruits out there like pineapple and papaya that help whiten your teeth. Pineapple contain bromelain and papaya has papain, both of which help break down stain particles enough so they are easily removed afterwards when you are brushing your teeth.

Eating these fruits should definitely help keep your teeth bright and beautiful. Keep in mind that pineapple is acidic so make sure that you exercise moderation when consuming.

Whitening Dairy

Dairy products, especially the type that is still in its raw form such as raw milk or cheese contains lactic acid. This little enzyme helps fortify the enamel, which protects your teeth from cavities and it also whitens your teeth.

The enzyme is powerful enough to weaken particles that might otherwise stick to your teeth and stain them. There are a lot of dairy products out there for you to choose from so this should be an easy switch.

These are just some suggestions that you should consider if you are trying to use your diet to keep your teeth healthy and bright. You can also talk to an oral specialist like Dental Implant & Cosmetic, PC for additional tips that might help enhance your diet as well as information on dental implants. What you have to remember is that your oral specialist is your partner and wants your smile to be beautiful, too.

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