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If you just moved into a new apartment or just want to upgrade your kitchen, then you definitely need a basic set of kitchen accessories. About how to make a choice correctly and not to spend thus big sums of money we will tell below.

1. Assess your needs. Ask yourself what food you are cooking (or what kind of food you want to cook if you are new to cooking) and what tools you use most often. A good set of basic equipment must necessarily contain a 10- inch (25 cm) frying pan, a pan with a volume of about 4 liters, and a baking sheet or Blender Grinder can do different tasks.
2. Determine if you want pans and pans to have coating. Non-stick coating, such as Teflon, will protect food from sticking to the pan during cooking. This allows you to use less fat to lubricate the frying pan, and also makes the cleaning process easier. However, non-stick surfaces are not particularly durable. Such dishes should be changed more often.
3. Choice of dishes. Look for pots and pans that are thick and heavy; the thicker the saucepan, the more evenly it will conduct heat. It will also keep the heat better. Aluminum, stainless steel and copper are the ideal materials for dishes. When choosing, focus on quality, not quantity.
4. Optional accessories. The basic set should include wooden spoons, a set of tongs & a spatula, Potato Chipper. All the rest should be added as necessary.
5. Selection of knives. Do not think that you need a whole set of knives. In reality, you only need a few high-quality copies. Buy a jagged knife and a \"chef\" knife. They will cope perfectly with cutting bread, vegetables and fruits.
6. The tool for knife sharpening is a necessary tool in any kitchen. Give preference to the usual grindstone, which does not take much space and does not ruin your knives over time.
7. Choice of cutting board. You only need one board and it is better that it is made of wood or plastic. Do not choose glass boards, because they quickly spoil the knives.

@ 8:24am ET on August 1, 2017
Accessories used in the kitchen are supposed to be the best of utensils. Women most of the time puchase wrong stuff for their kitchen chores which later leads to misconception and their work takes more time. They usually but stuff on the basis of paper writing but this article has given us tips to see and choose the right things.

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