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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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Mary B. knows just about everything there is to know about dieting and healthy weight loss. Like most of us, she's tried loads of diets and programs over the years. So why is this Virginia grandma anchored here at Diet.com... with no plans to ever leave?

Since coming to Diet.com this January, Mary has felt at home. She's developed great relationships with her fellow dieters and the Diet.com blogs keep her honest about her weight loss efforts.

Mary is down 22.5 pounds and more determined than ever to stay the course to being happier, healthier and energetic enough to keep up with her grandchild.

"The main point is to be here for each other," Mary tells Diet.com. "I'm part of the All-Star Challenge and I like competition, but I think it's more about getting motivated and staying motivated."

And staying motivated is something Mary has been since becoming a Premium Member.

"I had tried everything -- you name it, I've done it... short of stomach stapling," she says.

"There's no magic bullet. Eventually you've got to realize there is no easy way, but then again you can enjoy the journey if you learn a few things.

"I've learned a lot since joining Diet.com."

Mary's middle son has made her a grandma. That's her with him at his graduation... a time when she was at her heaviest weight.

Seeing the scale needle stop on 199 was a big push for Mary to take action.

"It was a shock that I had come so close to 200," she admits. "I had stopped getting on the scale. I had also begun only looking at myself from the neck up in the mirror.

"New Year was a big trigger too. But the biggest thing was that I was about to become a grandma. I thought, 'I am gonna be a cool grandma... not the one that sits in a chair and the kids sit on me because I am too tired to get out of chair."

She's now down to 176.5, but more importantly, she's working out on a regular basis. The need for frequent activity is one of the things Mary has come to terms with since linking up with Diet.com.

She's also mastering the concept: It's all about moderation.

"I'm an all-or-nothing person," Mary says. "I am learning moderation in everything.

"I'm no longer getting wrapped up in the numbers on the scale. It's not only about eating healthy food."

Mary knew she was at risk for obesity. Yet she says it was surprising that the 5-10 pounds she packed on each year finally amounted to the 199 high weight.

"I refused to accept the fact I was predisposed to being obese and that I could learn to live with it," she says.

"Some people think it's their lot in life and they do nothing. Knowing I was predisposed made me want to do the extra things.

"Personally, I have always worked out. It's been a part of me since my first son was born... and he's now 37."

Mary find exercise a great mood stabilizer and stress reducer.

"But the piece that I started to struggle with was portion control," she notes. "I love food. I'm sure there are not very many people on our site who would disagree.

"In my younger days, I was able to better balance food and exercise. As my metabolism slowed, I gained weight... 5-10 pounds a year.

"We are so much more than numbers and we are all different -- we all lose weight differently. My goal weight is 130 but I am not an unrealistic person so let's see how I feel.

A vibrant and caring Community is a big reason why Mary is committed to Diet.com.

"I knew I needed other people - I can't do it myself. If I could I wouldn't have gained the weight in the first place," she notes.

"I tried a program that had meetings, but logistically that didn’t work for me. I couldn't take meetings home with me. A friend I met there was the first to mention Diet.com."

Mary loves the blogging here at Diet.com.

"Realized early in it gives me accountability," she says. "I go there if upset and vent, or I go to share.

"For instance, I always had the problem with not wanting to measure food. I was like a little kid. The blogs taught me that the ones getting results are doing just that -- measuring their food.

"I realized I can waste time and do what I do or I can portion my food and get results."

Mary uses the boards and blogs to help others struggling with their weight.

"Obesity is a disease," she says. "You need to give priority to the things you need to have in your life to be healthy.

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@ 7:21am ET on May 19, 2008
Wow, congratulations Mary! That is awesome!!! Love the new YOU!!!

@ 9:09am ET on May 19, 2008
Mary, This is a great story and so motivating! Thanks for sharing!!!

@ 9:21am ET on May 19, 2008
Wow Mary! Congratulations!! Loved reading your story. Keep up the great work :)

@ 9:36am ET on May 19, 2008
I loved your story, thank for sharing!! You look beautiful!!!

@ 10:06am ET on May 19, 2008
Good on ya', Mary!!

@ 10:43am ET on May 19, 2008
YAY Mary!! Wonderful story!!!

@ 10:54am ET on May 19, 2008
Mary that is so fabulous! I know you help me daily to get through my own journey you are so amazing and I am so proud to call you a friend!

@ 10:55am ET on May 19, 2008
Hi Mary!!! You know I'm so proud of you!! :) Great work! You inspire me. :)

@ 11:05am ET on May 19, 2008
Mary you are looking incredible. Way to go.

@ 11:41am ET on May 19, 2008
Oh, Mary - You look wonderful!! And thanks for being such a positive and supportive friend for us. The journey would not be the same without you!!

@ 1:14pm ET on May 19, 2008
Mary, that story is very inspiring and sweet! You have a strong presence on diet.com and you better stick around even when you are at your goal weight! You rock sister!!!

@ 10:54pm ET on May 19, 2008
Wow! Look at you!!


@ 8:06am ET on May 20, 2008
Woohoo Mary! Look at you girl! I am so happy for your success and know it will continue with the way you are rockin' things around here. Luv ya! Tracey

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