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Many people don’t stop and take the time to consider the long-term implications that bulimia can have on their bodies. On average, people who suffer from bulimia tend to be slightly overweight. This can make it easier for them to hide that they have a problem. Here are just a few of the harmful effects that bulimia could have on your body.

Acid Reflux Disease

The purging portion of the cycle puts you at an increased risk for developing reflux disease. This is where the acid from your stomach corrodes the interior of your esophagus. It may present itself in the form of you experiencing a sore throat initially. Over time, this could lead to bleeding ulcers and difficulty swallowing food and water. In some of the more severe cases, uncontrolled bleeding could even result in your death if these ulcers were to rupture.

Possibility of Hemorrhoids

On the flip side, many people with bulimia tend to use laxatives excessively. This compulsion to rid yourself of food could be causing extreme damage to your intestinal tract. Hemorrhoids may develop due to the strain of having frequent bowel movements. This may cause you discomfort when you poop or lead to more serious problems. You may have to undergo a procedure in order to rid yourself of this type of condition in its more pronounced form.

Damage to Enamel

Some of the most common side effects of bulimia include damage to the enamel on your teeth. This is because the acid from your stomach is very hard on them. Many people will notice acid erosion on the backside of the teeth, but it can cause staining on the front side of your teeth as well. The only way to repair this type of damage is to visit a cosmetic dentist that can fix it.

Stomach Aches

With the binge and purge cycle, your stomach may start to pain you. This is because your stomach is designed to process the food that you put into it. Acid is still being released into your stomach in order to cope with the large quantities of food. It will just sit inside your stomach and can start to corrode your stomach lining. This may be one of the first symptoms that’s noticed when you first develop bulimia.

Bulimia can have lifelong implications when it comes to your overall health. You should get help coping with your eating disorder so that you don’t have to suffer through these issues.

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