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by Hannah Whittenly, The Health Advocate

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By Hannah Whittenly

Weight loss is a challenging endeavor to pursue. Even the concept is simple in theory, it can be difficult to execute. It involves a lot of discipline, dedication and hard work. When you add a physical challenge like asthma, the stakes get higher and it can be even more difficult to succeed. Nevertheless, it is still possible to lose weight when you have asthma and manage your weight. There are a few strategic ways to handle it.

Diet & Exercise
Many studies show that 75% of weight loss is all about diet. What you put in your mouth will make a big difference on how much weight you lose. Make an intentional effort to choose lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Include legumes, nuts and lean meats to complement healthy meals. For longevity, make sure to prepare foods that you will actually eat and enjoy. If the body feels like it's in deprivation mode, you'll have a harder time sticking to a healthy lifestyle change.
To go with that, exercise is very important. Here are four things that you need to consider when exercising with asthma:

Light Aerobic Exercises
Cardiovascular exercises can be considerably difficult when dealing with a condition like asthma. There are a few ways around this. Consider completing light aerobic exercises that work the entire body like brisk walking or light swimming in a pool. Before doing these exercises, see your doctor to get prescriptions for medicines like
Aerospan RX that will make breathing a lot easier.

Stretching the Body
Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi are some of the most restorative exercises for the body. They stretch and repair joints and ligaments. They also relax and restore the mind. In order to have a well-rounded weight loss regimen, it's important to include exercises that will challenge and stretch the body's flexibility as well.

Strength Training
Weight lifting is excellent for weight loss. Many women overlook it because they're afraid they'll become bulky. It's a great weight loss aid for men and women because it burns fat and strengthens the muscles. It's also a great way to get more bang for your buck. When you complete a great strength training routine, your body will continue to burn calories after you've completed the workout.

Resting Up
It's important to get a solid six to eight hours of sleep a night. Everyone is different and requires different amounts of sleep. However, make sure to get quality sleep each night to allow the body to repair itself and reset for the next day.

Don't get discouraged when trying to figure out to live life with asthma. It's more than possible to lose weight and live a healthy life with this condition. With intention, execution and medical assistance, you'll be at your goal weight in no time.

About The Author:
Hannah Whittenly is a Mom, freelance writer & Sacramento, CA native. Follow her on Twitter at @hannahwhittenly

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