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by Hannah Whittenly, The Health Advocate

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By Hannah Whittenly

The body needs carbohydrates, but there are good carbs and bad carbs. Unfortunately, Americans tend to eat the bad carbs, and they eat a lot of them. Here are five ways to cut down carbohydrate intake without eliminating the great flavor and energy they provide.

Add More Veggies to Pasta
One of the things that people hate cutting out when they give up carbs is pasta. Fortunately, you can benefit by making half the amount of pasta that you normally would and adding more vegetables. You can even use a spiralizer to make veggie noodles from zucchini to add to the mix or just add an array of chopped squash, mushrooms and tomatoes and let them cook with the sauce before adding them to the noodles. Using methods like these allows you to maintain the normality of a dish and still make it taste deliciously satisfying.

Swap Protein and Carbohydrate Amounts
This is a clever way to boost health from both sides. For example, a person has the option of having eggs and toast for breakfast. Instead of eating two slices of toast and an egg, though, he or she should choose to have only one slice of toast and two eggs. Because eggs are protein, it will help fight hunger. In fact, it helps to rebuild cells and aids in muscle growth. While you’re eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, take the opportunity to simply just eat less carbs and more of other things. Yet, don’t worry about completely eliminating the carbs and going on one of those bread-less diets.

Use Different Types of Bread
A true sandwich has bread, and that’s pretty much a fact. The pure definition of it is anything that you can put in between two slices of bread that tastes decent. Yet, when the no carb diet fad hit, one of the main attractions of it was replacing sandwich breads with lettuce - which then makes it more of a glorified wrap. No judgments if you’re into that, but you have to admit that it’s not a true sandwich. So why not just replace the traditional bread with an option that includes less bread? For example, you could use flat bread thins as a replacement. You could get these at places like the Klosterman Baking Company or a local bakery near you that might make them.

Change Up Your Mash Potatoes
According to the USDA in August 2016, we eat potatoes more than any other vegetable. One of the more common ways to eat them, though is in the form of mashed potatoes. As a starch, it is exceedingly high in carbs, and so it’s important to be aware of that when you are cooking them. One way that you can change the dish up is by using half potatoes and half cauliflower or butternut squash. By doing this, you are not only making the dish healthier, but you are also improving the flavor profile.

These tips are a great start to making a positive diet change. Society has become reliant on carbs, and going cold turkey on them rarely works out for people. Plus, it’s a pretty hard thing to do. Carbs are everywhere! However, you can make a change in your life today just by eating less carbs and changing things up when you prepare your food.

About The Author:
Hannah Whittenly is a Mom, freelance writer & Sacramento, CA native. Follow her on Twitter @hannahwhittenly

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