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Hey Diet.com members! I'm re-posting this below blog, to help members who would like to know how to add an image to your blog!


Today I wanted to offer some tips on something that I've posted about in the past, but I know we could always use a refresher about it: How do you get a picture/image into your blog post??

I think this is a fantastic thing for everyone to know how to do, because pictures are pretty and make our blog pages super lively! :) Plus, the more we can post, the more we can share with one another. You could post a picture of yourself (your weight loss progress), your dog, your healthy meals... Let us get to know you better through pictures!

There are many ways to get a photo onto the web (and thus into your blog!), but here is what I think is the EASIEST way:

Step 1: Make sure the pic you want to use is saved on your computer somewhere. If it's not saved yet, save it now.

Step 2: Head to www.tinypic.com (or any other photo upload websites that you're familiar with!)

Step 3: Click "Choose File" and then search your computer for the photo you want to upload. Select the image.

Step 4: On TinyPic.com, make sure "File Type" is on "Image" (this is the default, so it should already be selected)

Step 5: Click on the "Resize" drop down menu and select "Website"

Step 6: Click "Upload Now"

**Here you may have to enter a code so they know you're not a robot.**

Step 7: In the next screen on TinyPic.com, you're given a handful of different codes to choose from. Select and copy the contents of the "HTML for Websites" code option. Paste this line of code right into your blog post, where you're composing you're blog. You can preview it to make sure that it looks right!

I just followed the above instructions to post this image, which happens to be a picture of a thinkThin snack bar (which was quite tasty, BTW):

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYou can make your image go on the right or left side of your blog by pasting the TinyPic.com code into your blog and then manually typing align="right" or align="left" into the code.

This one has been aligned to the right >>>>>

I hope this makes it easier for everyone to post their own pics and share them on your blog!

Know someone who could benefit from this post? Pass it on to them!!

All the best,

@ 11:34pm ET on February 28, 2012
yes me! Thanks a million. =^.^=

@ 7:40pm ET on January 14, 2015
Thanks a lot, Bailey!

@ 8:48pm ET on January 14, 2015
Think this is what you said to do...

Just tested it in "preview" here and it worked! Cool! Thanks again!

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