John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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"I am a single mother of a gorgeous 6-year-old, she is my inspiration for getting fit! I don't want her to grow up with a chubby mommy!"

With that from-the-heart motivational message that she posted on her Member Profile page, Diet.com super slimmer ShannonKristine kicked off her amazing journey -- a journey that now has her more than 100 pounds removed from her starting weight of 262 pounds!

"When I started this journey, I set the goal of 140 pounds and thought there was no way in *you know where* that I would get down to 140 but thought it was something fabulous to shoot for.... well after losing 100 pounds I have decided to officially lower my goal weight to 130!" Shannon tells Diet.com.

"I have played around with this idea for a while, and considered shooting for 130 but not officially lowering my goal *just in case* I didn't get there I wouldn't be too disappointed. WELL I know I can do this! I know we can all do this. In the end I realized that if I didn't lower my goal I am just selling myself short.

"So here it is... in PRINT... that my official goal is 130 pounds. I will meet this goal no later than Christmas Eve 2008. The weight loss is coming slower now, but it is surely still coming week after week, and so I know that I am capable of hitting this goal!"

The first time we featured Shannon, she was down a sterling 74 pounds. Once she rolled by the 100-pound mark, we knew we had to turn the spotlight her way again.

Let's start with the basics.

Shannon's Diet Profile

What motivated me to join Diet.com:
Wanting to not be fat for the last few years of my twenties! I was just browsing and I liked the community feel so I joined just in time for the January Fresh Start challenge. I have been more motivated since I have joined this site than ever before!

What diet program I am currently following
Low calorie living and working out. No fad diets, no pills, just me and healthy living, baby! Also a support system is a huge part of my current plan!

My starting weight: 262
My goal weight: 130
My current weight: 156.6
Weight loss since joining: 105.4

What other diets I have tried
I have tried a little bit of everything and obviously it hasn't gone well ;)

Diet topics you can ask me for advice on
Low calorie living and how to incorporate exercise into your busy life! It took me a while to figure this one out ;) Motivating others to increase your own success is also one of my new specialties!

My advice to other dieters
ALWAYS moving forward, NEVER looking back! You are able to achieve far more than you ever think possible! You can do this!!

Shannon accomplished her amazing trim-down using the tools and knowledge served up by the only diet program that has worked for her.

"Diet.com has all of the tools that are necessary for long-term successful weight loss," Shannon says. "I have access to dietitians, trainers, doctors, as well as thousands of people to root me on.

"I have used the site to track my meals, find recipes, and hold myself accountable through blogging.

"The support from others is what really has kept me going. I have NEVER successfully stuck to a diet for as long as I have with my support team on this site."

Shannon knows she will accomplish all her goals with the help of Diet.com.

"At my heaviest, I weighed 262 pounds... and I was shocked because I had never felt like I weighed that much and I had never had a weight problem before!" says Shannon, a fun, feisty 5-foot-4 former athlete.

"But those days are gone and I really notice the changes now. I don't get tired as easily. I can walk up and down stairs without huffing and puffing. I feel like I have a ton of energy now and I have built up my stamina."

Shannon has experienced quite a personal revival.

"I was really depressed for the past 5 years, but that's all changed and I'm not on medication anymore -- the doctor took me off it!" she notes.

"I am a completely different woman and I view things so differently. Thanks to Diet.com I like healthier foods now and I don't feel a need to eat every hour."

As the pounds shrank, Shannon's self-esteem ballooned. She did so well with the Fresh Start Challenge, she was named the overall winner of the two-team, 500-member event.

"My life no longer revolved around fast food." she recalls. "I was losing inches, building muscle and feeling better overall."

Winning the challenge sure was fun... but not nearly as fun for Shannon as finding the energy to bond with her 6-year-old daughter.

"We can now do fun things like go to park, take walks, go to the beach and enjoy after-school programs," says Shannon, 28. "Before, I would get home from work, sit down and watch TV with my little girl. Now we go outside!"

So what was Shannon's "a-ha moment"... that pivotal happening that triggered a desire to regain control of her weight and life?

"I realized ...    Continue

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@ 6:55am ET on September 8, 2008
Shannon is a huge inspiration to me!! Its a great motivation to keep on keepin' on :) Thanks for sharing!!! Patty

@ 11:15am ET on September 8, 2008
Thank you for sharing your story.. You gave me the motivation to start..

@ 2:50pm ET on September 12, 2008


@ 8:48am ET on September 13, 2008
Yehey Shannon was able to contact you John! :) i told her also about the interview :)

HI Shannon I miss you babe!

@ 11:06pm ET on September 23, 2008
you are a big inspiration to me
i'm on my way right now and i hope that i will be able to hit my goal
wish you the best ^^

@ 11:32am ET on September 24, 2008
Your story is a wonderful inspiration. Good Luck

@ 6:45pm ET on September 24, 2008
this is so inspirational and a big CONGRATULATIONS on losing that much. i'm sure you'll be able to reach your goal weight before christmas like you wanted. and i am very happy for you and your new relationship with your daughter :)

@ 11:41am ET on October 25, 2008

@ 8:38am ET on November 5, 2008
Thank you for sharing your story
can you hellp me i don't no what can i do ,my whigh is 57 killoes & my longh 1,57 santimeter

@ 7:51pm ET on December 30, 2008
Well done.for lossing that much weight.

@ 10:23pm ET on January 5, 2009
You have been a huge inspiration since I joined. I aspire to be like you! I'm a single mom too and I know how hard it is!

Thank you for your openness with this.

Best of luck on reaching your goal!

@ 9:49pm ET on January 6, 2009
Thanks for sharing your story. I need to loose about 60 pounds and I too thought that was not going to happen. I have not accomplished what you have done but with your thoughts I plan to keep trying. Thanks for the motivation

@ 6:43pm ET on January 8, 2009
Wow what a great story Like you I want to be more thin as I am moving out of my twenties and I have two children I would like to not only be around for but keep up with for a long while. Thanks for sharing now I know it is possible.

@ 11:37am ET on May 20, 2013
Well done u look amazing!!

@ 1:05pm ET on February 19, 2014
Wow, GREAT JOB! You are an inspiration to me as our stories are so similar! Best of luck to you!

@ 4:32pm ET on June 27, 2016
Amazing story. Thanks for sharing!

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