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Last April, Diet.com member Rachel (aka SkinnyWinner101), set her first weight loss goal: Lose 10 lbs. Now, 11 months later, she's dropped nearly 50 lbs... and has her sights on her goal weight of 130lbs by her wedding this summer.

When she joined Diet.com last spring, Rachel was at her highest weight, 204 lbs, and facing health problems that someone her age shouldn't have been facing yet. "I knew if I did not change the way I lived," Rachel tells Diet.com, "I would someday be very sick."

Losing the weight wasn't going to be easy, she knew. But Rachel used the accountability of her Diet.com blog to set mini-goals for herself. To achieve her first goal of losing 10 lbs, she began making changes to her lifestyle. By following what she calls a "low-fat, low-carb, high 'healthy everything'" diet, Rachel found herself making better food choices everyday:

"I want cake, I eat an apple," she says. "I want brownies.. I eat light and fit yogurt."

"Some staples to my diet are whole grain, low fat, and low calorie foods," she continues. "Whenever I crave something yummy, I find a low calorie option... or I just have a bite."

Add to this diet a new commitment to increase her activity with regular workouts, and it didn't take long for Rachel to start seeing results. "Exercise is something I am constantly changing," she admits. "I like to mix things up to keep it fun and challenging."

Some of her favorite forms of exercise include swimming and biking, while she also can't get enough of the Biggest Loser videos. "Whatever exercise gets results becomes my favorite!"

As the Diet.com audience followed along, the pounds fell off for Rachel, one-by-one, and by her 25 lb lost milestone, she was biking for 15+ miles at a time and really feeling the freedom of living a healthy lifestyle. Clothes from years ago were starting to fit again, and she couldn't believe the changes she was seeing in her body.

When her boyfriend of 3 years proposed to her in November of 2009, Rachel gained even more incentive to reach her goal weight. With just around 40 lbs more to lose, she was ready to meet the challenge of reaching her goal weight by her June wedding.

Cruising through the 160s, with the help of the recently-concluded New Year, Healthier You Weight Loss Challenge here on Diet.com, Rachel currently weighs in at 155 lbs. But she's not stopping there. With just 25 lbs more to reach her goal weight, Rachel's still got her sights on that magic number, 130 lbs.

And just like with everything, Rachel's got a plan to achieve that goal: "Eating healthy, exercise, and drinking water really does work!"

While her upcoming nuptials serve as a great motivator, that's not what keeps this super slimmer motivated the most.

"My health is still my motivation. Being almost 50 pounds lighter, I feel so much better. I have gained self control. I have found a new joy in life and true happiness in who I am."

Rachel cites the support of her family as the key to her success. "I have a family that has encouraged me along the way." And of course, her goal-setting: "I have also set goals for myself. Always moving forward, and never giving up."

Rachel also points to the motivation she receives here on Diet.com as a huge help:

"The encouragement [on Diet.com] has been overwhelming! I have truly been inspired by everyone who chooses everyday make an effort to change. I am so surprised and thankful by the response I have received from the Diet.com team. I am so glad I decided to join!"

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@ 11:15am ET on March 22, 2010
Congrats, Rachel...you look fantastic! I've enjoyed watching you grow. What a motivational story for all of us! ~Sara :o)

@ 2:08pm ET on March 22, 2010
WOW.....What an inspiration to me. I loved reading this story. I am getting married in September, and I thought I couldnt do it. You are amazing...GOOD WORK. I am only 22 and weigh 170 right now. At my heaviest I was 233 lbs ( 9 months) pregnant. In October I was 186, so I have only dropped 16 lbs. I think you look SMOKIN and you should be so proud of yourself. Thanks for the great story, and my goal wight is actually the same as yours :) Once again thanks for being a great motivator. I know you will reach your goal, and I hope I get somewhat close to mine before september :) CONGRATULATIONS on the weddding too :)

@ 12:08am ET on March 23, 2010
Thank you so much! Honestly I Love this article! It was so well written. It is an honor to be featured on this site! I am still in shock! :)

@ 4:42pm ET on March 24, 2010
this was very inspiring!

@ 5:07pm ET on March 28, 2010
good job :)

@ 7:12pm ET on April 22, 2010
Very Inspirational!!!

@ 12:23am ET on November 17, 2011
congrats!!!! its very cool to hear that your inspiration came from your family and soon to be husband, i wish all the best and keep your eyes on the goal!

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