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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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A Diet.com Exclusive
by John McGran

Diet.com member Kim B. is gunning to become the sexiest grandma ever! And with the help of Diet.com, she's well on her way to that goal.

The petite Michigan mom of two has dropped 26 pounds and picked up great new habits. And she's here to show and tell you how she did it with help from her favorite online site!

"Diet.com has given me the hope that I needed to win my personal war on obesity," Kim raves. "In just a few short months, I've learned to LOVE myself for who I am.

"I've learned that there are many people with the same frustrations, challenges and goals that I have. I've learned that together we are stronger.

"Unless you've been overweight, you cannot even begin to understand the hardships that we endure on a daily basis; climbing one flight of stairs can feel like 10, the stares that we get because we're trying to wear a swimsuit and enjoy the beach like the other size 2's.

"The discrimination that the 'beautiful' people bestow upon us is heartbreaking."

Thankfully the times -- and Kim's weight -- they are a-changing!

"I have found a new home here on Diet.com that encourages and supports me for who I am," says our super success. "I have learned that I have so much to give and offer others because the things that worked for me can help someone else that has yet to learn what I have, so I can offer tips and tricks to those that may need it, just like I did when I started the Diet.com Fresh Start Challenge back in January.

"I have a lot to learn, but I'm learning more and more every day!"

Kim is about halfway home to the weight she longs to be. She's grateful to her former Weight Watchers classmate who recommended Diet.com.

"Diet.com changed my life... how do you thank someone for helping them to believe in themselves again, to want to get out of bed in the morning, to help to make them feel that they ARE WORTH IT and not invisible and hopeless because they were a size 18?" notes Kim, who has since said bye-bye to WW.

"I mean those things you just cannot put a price tag on. I've held on to this weight for so long and now it's coming off. I feel like I am just starting the best time of my life!"

Kim seriously sought out weight loss after she learned a workplace health review was looming. The scale needle rested on 197 and Kim -- a "stick" for most of her life -- knew her risk assessment wasn't looking very good.

The four key points: Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking. The latter point was a gimme since Kim never smoked. But she didn't fare too well on the others.

"To make matters worse, I went to my niece's wedding and ran into an old flame there," she says.

"It was not fun... probably the worst day ever had in a long time. I could see on his face, 'God, what happened... you were such a twig.'"

For most of her adult life, Kim barely broke 100 pounds. But then she hit 30 and her beloved mother passed away. Adding fuel to the emotional fire: one of her teen daughters caused her problems.

"The Diet.com site is really coming around and becoming more user friendly," she says. "I signed up last September but really didn’t get into it 'til the latter part of December when the Fresh Start Challenge drew me in full boat."

What Kim likes most about Diet.com is the blogs, boards, recipes, points system and the current Video Challenge.

So how has losing 26 pounds changed her life?

"I feel healthier," she says. "I used to have to sit down climbing stairs because I couldn't breathe... and that was scary!

"I think of healthier choices first. I don't have to stop and think. I pick salad over ice cream.

"People look at me differently and my self-esteem has improved."

It's this renewed self-esteem that has this 42-year-old ready to become a sexy grandma when her elder daughter gives birth soon.

"I have another 25-30 pounds to lose, but when I do I will celebrate with a trip somewhere sunny," Kim says.

"For the long-term: I will stick with Diet.com and continue with what I've been doing. It's too easy to backslide. I've found more support on Diet.com than anywhere else, including Weight Watchers!"

Kim hasn't shed her weight by diet alone. Her basement is a full-fledged gym complete with Bowflex and Gazelle machines, a treadmill, a bike, free weights, a bench, fitness ball, bands and DVDs.

From Kim's Fresh Start Narrative

NOTE: The pic shows a smiling Kim with the prizes she won during our Fresh Start Challenge.

On the Fresh Start Challenge, I lost an amazing 21 pounds! I am on my way to my goal and thank you so much Diet.com and challengers for your assistance! I could NOT have done it without you.

This Weight Loss Challenge ...    Continue

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@ 12:11am ET on April 14, 2008
Way to go Kim! You're definetly on track.

@ 12:57am ET on April 14, 2008
go kim! you are looking sexy gal!

@ 10:41am ET on April 14, 2008
YaY Kim!!

@ 11:13am ET on April 14, 2008
you go girl!!!looking good

@ 1:30pm ET on April 14, 2008
You look awesome Kim!! YEAHHH!!!

@ 2:22pm ET on April 14, 2008
Fabulous, just FABULOUS!! :) You look great!!
Continue to stay on track.

@ 3:14pm ET on April 14, 2008
Wow, Kim! You've truly come a long way! You totally need to be recognized for all your hard work! You're really an inspiration to us all! ~Sara :o)

@ 6:21pm ET on April 14, 2008
Thank you everyone! I'm on my way, but lots of road to travel to get to my destination! I know I'm in REAL good company with all of you here at Diet.com. I'm so glad I found you! I consider you my second family! And I'd SURE miss you if you weren't there!

Big Hugs,

@ 10:07pm ET on April 14, 2008
You look great, and really happy and glowing! Good Job!

@ 12:34pm ET on April 17, 2008
i wish i can be happy the same

@ 9:38pm ET on April 28, 2008

@ 9:49pm ET on April 28, 2008
Great Job Kim... it has been fun following your story :-) Thanks for sharing it with us!


@ 7:06pm ET on April 30, 2008
wo you look great

@ 10:52pm ET on May 1, 2008
Keep up the great work! I am losing pounds too, from the South Beach Diet. I eliminated ALL sugars, pastas and grain products from my diet for 2 weeks. I have lost about 7 pounds in 11 days. I eat vegetables and high protein food, mainly turkey & chicken. Love how my clothes are starting to fit. I will slowly get back to eating fruits, as the first 2 weeks of the South Beach diet doesn't allow fruits. I also swim every morning, and can feel the pounds dropping. I also weighed 201 pounds, and MUST drop weight, and am doing so! YES!!!

@ 3:17pm ET on May 6, 2008
i think that u really did a good jo keep up the good work.you go gurl

@ 10:14am ET on May 13, 2008
Wow you look great. Keep it up!

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