Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to make fitness and nutrition part of their daily routine. The essence of beautymind, body and spiritis what Wendie Pett is all about.

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Visibly Fit: Mind, Body & Spirit!

by Wendie Pett, Fitness and Lifestyle expert

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If I told you that by using your own body’s resistance alone, you can build the body of your dreams, would you believe me?

You can drastically improve your strength, flexibility and endurance without ever taking another trip to the gym! No matter how busy your schedule is, I’ve taken away all your excuses with my simple, yet highly effective technique. I’m so excited to help you meet your fitness goals.

Be sure to watch for my first Diet.com feature -- Looking Good In A Swimsuit: Tips 'n Tricks -- which runs in the Monday, April 7 newsletter and will appear on the Diet.com cover page.

My mission here at Diet.com: To have some fun and meet some new friends. Oh, yeah... and to help as many people as possible achieve their goals!

About me

Here's a little news about me. Get to know me... then let me get to know you.

Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to make fitness and nutrition part of their daily routine. The essence of beauty " mind, body and spirit " is what Wendie Pett is all about. She enthusiastically teaches the care of mind, body and spirit, helping others learn the importance of reaching their full God-given potential through her Visibly Fit total wellness and body weight resistance exercise program.

Wendie has helped countless millions of people reach their fitness goals with no wear and tear on joints, tendons or ligaments by teaching simple and easy to do exercises that use your body as your gym. A great way to workout anytime, anywhere"no excuses allowed!

A member of the HPSS Global Speakers Bureau, Wendie appears regularly on nationwide television and speaks at corporate events, churches and universities promoting her Visibly Fit™ health and fitness philosophies. She also works as a fitness coach and consultant. In addition, she contributes as a featured columnist in the Total Wellness Newsletter reaching over 2.5 million readers monthly.

Wendie is mom to her six year old son, Keegan, the light of her life. Native of Dallas, Texas, Wendie attended the University of North Texas in Denton. During her post-college years she became a true student of physical culture and taught many forms of fitness at health clubs and as a personal trainer.

It was after a major injury to her shoulder that Wendie resorted to body weight resistance exercises for strength and healing, and hasn't turned back to any other form of training since.

Wendie makes it all look so easy with her fun, casual, yet dynamic and enthusiastic approach. She makes it difficult to resist heeding her call to, "Stop making excuses and begin today to get in the best shape of your life!"

@ 1:02pm ET on April 4, 2008
Yes, I believe that our own body weight can be used as a tool to lose the weight. Thanks Wendie Pett! Teach me, Teach us! :)

@ 7:05pm ET on April 4, 2008
Wow, this theory is so interesting! You hooked me. Now, I can't wait to hear more! And btw, you are drop dead gorgeous! Dang, one of these days I can only HOPE to get back into my skinny jeans!!!

Thank you for joining us here at Diet.com. We're all eager students! As Chefsy said, Teach us. TEACH US!!!

How can I get my hands on a subscription to that Total Wellness Newsletter?!

Thank you!

@ 2:03am ET on April 5, 2008
well hello Wendie, I have a lot of my own body to use LOL

@ 12:26pm ET on April 6, 2008
Hello and thank you for the nice welcome here on diet.com. I'm thrilled to share my knowledge so that you may be empowered knowing that everything you need to succeed, you've had since you were born. Your body is the perfect gym and it goes everywhere you do. I teach visualized resistance that doesn't require any equipment or a gym membership. Wouldn't it be nice to know the perfect exercises to shed fat fast and replace with muscle all while doing them in the comfort of your own home, or at the office, even while traveling? How about the time that exercise can take out of your day? Not with what I teach...Only 20-30 minutes daily will get you where you deserve to be. One of my most recent clients lost 100 pounds in less than 12 months by using my Visibly Fit program - you can too!

Go to www.wendiepett.com to learn more.

I'll be giving you new exercises to try here on the blog and answer any questions you may have concerning overall health and wellness. This is a special time for you and it's your own personal wellness journey. Do not compare yourself to others as you venture forward.

Blessings and much success to you all.
Wendie Pett

@ 1:10pm ET on April 10, 2008
This method sounds great, takes away alot of excuses.

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