Lindsay Greenfield is certified in plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell. She is a vegan cooking enthusiast who has a passion for nutrition and healthy eating. Her ultimate life goal is to change the world by changing what and how we eat. She hopes to teach people how to respect their food and their bodies. She is the author of the blog vegan101girl.blogspot.com.

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Vegan 101 Girl

by Lindsay Greenfield, Vegan Nutrition Expert

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This brownie recipe is for those days when you just have to feed the chocolate beast within (it's okay, we all have one!). This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and raw. The best part is, there are only three ingredients in the recipe and it only takes a few minutes to make. Seriously, that's it! Plus, there is no baking involved.


What You Will Need:

- 1 cup pecans (you can also try walnuts or any other nut, pecans are my favorite for this recipe)
- 1 cup pitted dates, halved or quartered (I use organic medjool dates)
- 1/4 cup unsweetened, natural cocoa powder or cacao powder
- blender
- tupperware or pan to keep them in

That's it, those are the only three ingredient!! This makes a small batch, so double it if you are planning to feed a few people.

If you are feeling fancy, after the blending step, experiment by putting other ingredients into the brownie mixture such as orange zest, shredded coconut, or peppermint extract. Let me know how it goes!

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until a crumbly mixture forms. You probably only need to run it for a few seconds or pulse it a few times. You may need to blend, scrape the sides of the blender with a spoon, and blend again. If your blender is not very powerful, you might want to add ingredients gradually, and blend in small portions. Once everything is well combined and a well-blended but crumbly mixture forms, pour all of it into a plastic container or brownie pan. Using your hands, gently press the mixture down into a firm square so that it can be cut into small brownie squares later. Place the container in the freezer for an hour or two to help them to firm up - this step is optional and eating the brownie mixture straight out of the blender is not uncommon for those making this recipe the first, second, or one hundredth time! If you choose to freeze them, once they have firmed up, take them out and cut into cute little squares. Any leftovers (highly unlikely) should be kept in the refrigerator.


For more yummy recipes, you can check out my blog: www.vegan101girl.blogspot.com.

@ 2:46pm ET on September 4, 2012
How many calories would you say are in these brownies? Also, do you think there is a substitute for dates? ideally not prunes either! Sorry!

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