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@ 5:56pm ET on August 25, 2008
i dont eat any of those foods listed and still dont lose weight well tell me what i can do to boost my metabolism i have bad knees and hips so i cant do allllll that walking

@ 3:54am ET on August 26, 2008
Try water aerobics. Easier on the joints.

@ 7:37am ET on August 26, 2008
Sir,I am having just 57 kg weight and I am 5"11,I really want to increase my weight anyhow so please help me in the matter.

@ 1:41pm ET on August 26, 2008
This is WONDERFUL information! Should be read by "health Gurus" and others who say, or think they know, what's healthy to eat.

@ 4:30pm ET on August 26, 2008

@ 12:57am ET on August 27, 2008
I feel that if you want to treat yourself these foods are better for you than reaching for a marsbar as they have more nutritional content. Not completely guilt free of course, but once in a while won't harm you.

@ 12:38pm ET on August 29, 2008
This is WONDERFUL information, I love the gym. I am from argentina.

It recomend a fitness site:


@ 4:29pm ET on August 30, 2008
VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!! I was so wrong! Thanks for the tips!... I'm pear shapped and I don't know what else can I do about my hips and my tigts!! it's so frustrating 'cause I do work out!

@ 6:05pm ET on September 11, 2008
why do all articles lead u to buy a book? :/

@ 5:14pm ET on October 16, 2008
It is very interesting the site.

I have to recommended is the following

@ 6:39am ET on December 27, 2008
im 13 and im really worried that when i get older that ill get bigger i want to know how i can prevent that from happening i know im yough but im really worried can you help me?????? PLEASE

@ 8:23pm ET on December 29, 2008
great article, I was needing someone to give me a reason to STOP drinkinfgDiet Soda now I have one

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