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Celebrities and Diet

by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger
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Did you know that we celebrate Cinco de Mayo here in the US more than Mexicans? I think it's our way of using another countries holiday to own benefit or excuse to get drunk. Most people will celebrate the holiday with a margarita or shot after shot of tequila. Let me remind you, alcohol has calories! According to this article in Forbes, a margarita has 740 calories! Other sources site the drink as having 180 calories for a 4 oz serving. This is not your typical size beverage though, most Mexican restaurants serve their drinks in 12 oz glasses, totaling 540 calories. Regardless who is right, that's a lot!

A shot of tequila has about 100 calories, and then you add triple sec and sour mix. If you would like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo without compromising your waistline, here is my light on calories, packed with taste menu.

Corona Light or Low Calorie Margarita

My Favorite Healthy Crunchy Quesadilla
Joseph's Organic Flax Seed Whole Grain Tortillas (found by the deli counter or other low carb tortilla)
Low Fat Soy Cheese or Favorite Fat Free Shredded Cheese
Scallions (green onion chopped)
Grilled Chicken (diced)
Fat Free Sour Cream (optional)
Guacamole (optional)

Heat up a frying pan, spray generously with non stick pam (olive oil or whatever is on hand). Put down one tortilla, layer with cheese, chopped tomato, scallions and grilled chicken. Let cheese melt. When side facing down starts to turn golden, fold tortilla in half. Press down, so that sides melt together. Let sit for about another minute or two. Cut into triangle pieces. Garnish with some chopped up lettuce and salsa for a light version. Add sour cream or greek yogurt and/or guacamole if that's your thing. Enjoy.

Don't forget to go for at least a 30 minute sweat session as well. Check out the hardest ab exercise I have ever performed on video before! Seriously, this workout is no joke and will have your bikini thanking you in about 2 weeks. Enjoy!

@ 12:17pm ET on May 5, 2009
aww, that recipe sounds seriously tasty!!! can't wait to try it out


British Soph
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