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Sorry, I dont get on much anymore, but plan to pickup again both with offline activity, and with logging in here.. Have to do something and get back on track !~!

as of 3/3/11 I am up 3pounds.. from where I started 3/3/10.
during which time.. after I started actively trying in June 2010... I DID drop about 30lbs at one point... so.. now.. I have to start again... :( not happy... just had too much stress, too much going on.. and not enough energy.
Im up at 530 every morning.. and in bed ... by 9 at the latest.. if i can stay awake that long.
busy schedule : volunteer fulltime in a classroom, and im there all day every day.. during the school week.
I dont eat as well as I could, but I also.. dont eat much anyways..

Really want to get going on the Wii, but was hard when hubby got laid off in Sept. he took over the tv, and did nothing but video games.. up until last week when he went back to work.. so that was a few months lost :(
not sure why im actually Gaining.. Im on my feet and in motion all day lol

But... I need to find budget friendly meals and the energy to get back in gear I guess.

@ 7:08am ET on March 5, 2011
I find that on busy days that it's easiest for me to pack a bunch of small snacks with me. Those days I have a big breakfast and a big dinner and then pack a lunch and two small snacks to keep me going while I'm not at home.
I also find that it's cheaper to buy two weeks worth of food at once. There are things like lettuce and bread that won't last a week, but those are cheaper and easy to pick up throughout the week.
Good luck! :)

@ 9:06am ET on March 6, 2011
I agree about shopping for several weeks at one time. I buy bags of frozen chicken, frozen fish, frozen veggies, and they last. They also aren't very expensive.

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