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Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing great and sticking with your new healthy lifestyles! I'm excited to share that while I was online shopping for some new workout clothes, I stumbled upon a link that caught my eye. The next thing I know it I'm on the website of an immaculate gym located in Philadelphia, PA advertising PHILADELPHIA MANIA. An entire weekend long of this fitness convention including a TON of workshops and fitness classes offered! Some classes I can't wait to do include: ZUMBA, Flirty Girl Fitness, Pilates, Kettle Bell Training, Yoga, Aquatics, YOU NAME IT!! I submitted my registration about a week ago and am SO excited to go. I will be there all weekend long all day long taking these classes!

Now onto more news: As I was leaving "Calorie Killer" class tonight (which I think I sweated out all the water I drank today ha!) the instructor yelled my name and said she wanted to talk to me about something. She wants me to instruct my very OWN workout class! AHHH! The gym I go to in order you teach you need SOME sort of certification in some area. Well what do you know: at Philadelphia Mania they have Certification Classes!! In a few hours I will be certified to teach at my gym. Lisa, the instructor was beyond excited and so was I!

Just wanted to share my yummy dinner tonight with you all:

Sauteed shrimp with sauteed veggies! MMMMMM...add some spices to those veggies and Wa-La..you have an amazing and filling dinner! I also had a snack: my new found favorite--Low Fat Cottage Cheese and mixing it with crushed pineapple from the can! It is such a money saver compared to buying those individual fruit and cottage cheese packs!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Have a great week everyone!! =) Kaylie

@ 9:38am ET on January 27, 2010
Ok first of all: Philadelphia Mania - awesome find for you. Good work.'

Secondly - WHOOOHOOOOO good for you for becoming certified to teach at your gym!! That's SO cool!! What exactly will you teach?

And thirdly - thanks so much for sharing your yummy food pics with us!! I love it! That shrimp looks out of this world, and I LOOOVE cottage cheese with fruit!! I was about to post a pic of that myself!!

@ 10:31am ET on January 27, 2010

I'm SO excited for that weekend. It's coming up SO soon! Also, I'm ecstatic to start teaching. According to the lady I talked with last night it's kind of up to us to do whatever we want! Probably some sort of cardio mix class! They have a pretty much "whatever you wanna do" attitude at our gym.

Cottage Cheese--I was just walking through the grocery store one day and I was thinking hmmm well I've never tried it before and my mom always said it's really good for you soooo I guess I will TRY it. Glad I did...I love the stuff!!

@ 12:51pm ET on January 27, 2010
That sounds like a lot of fun...congrats on getting your license to teach. That would be awesome! Thanks for sharing the pics...I LOVE shrimp but I can't bring myself to try cottage cheese because of the lumps...I have a texture problem haha. ~Sara :o)

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