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Shrink Yourself

by Dr. Roger Gould, Emotional eating expert

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I am still taken aback every time I think of the answer a patient once gave me when I asked her WHY she ate half a dozen donuts. She said, "What else could I do?"

My patient couldn't figure out a better way of dealing with the demands of her 16-year-old daughter. She temporarily “lost her mind.” She was unable to think like the intelligent adult that she was.
emotional eating
I started asking other patients the same WHY question, and kept on getting the same kind of answer, in one way or another telling me that the strength of a craving, the lure of a binge, or the power of food over them, was overwhelming, and they too “lost their minds” to food.

Emotional Eating: Blessing or Curse?

I heard more and more people tell me that their minds were taken over by thoughts about food and weight. They told me that their mind was “occupied” by a force they couldn’t understand, and what they wanted as much as weight loss was liberation from this preoccupation.

In fact, there are 17 million Americans who have this same mental struggle even though they maintain a normal weight.

So why do YOU eat too much after you have committed to a diet and told yourself you are not going to do that anymore? On one level the answer is simple and obvious. You eat too much when you think you HAVE to use food to reduce your stress level or get away from some uncomfortable feeling or thought because you BELIEVE that you don’t have any other way of doing that.

Then food becomes a tranquilizer... an instant, always available medication that shuts down your mind. At those moments emotional eating is a BLESSING.

But when those moments pass, and you realize you have a bad habit of using food as a tranquilizer TOO often, and you understand that this is the single most sabotaging factor in your weight control struggle that makes you break your diet every time, then you know that emotional eating is a CURSE.

Control Your Binges

If you have struggled with your weight and quit as many diets as you started you are very familiar with what I have just described. Your problem is that you have not yet decided whether emotional eating is a BLESSING or a CURSE. On one hand you desperately want to control your eating; and on the other hand you want to be able to binge when the craving becomes so strong that you feel helpless and think to yourself, "What else could I do?"

You have a divided self because it is BOTH a blessing and a curse for you. You will be at peace with yourself about food and weight only after you have resolved the divided self-conflict within you. If you don't resolve this conflict you won't be in charge of yourself and no matter how successful you are at losing weight by any diet, you'll always be worried about regaining it.

Large-scale research on dieters tells us that you are in one of three equally large groups.

1. You only want a quick fix, fast-loss diet, which means you would rather go through another cycle of weight loss and regaining, than deal with this divided self conflict.

2. You have given up on all diets or weight loss approaches, which means you have decided that emotional eating is too much of blessing to ever think of giving it up.

3. You recognize you need to make real lifestyle changes in regard to food, which means you recognize emotional eating is more a curse than a blessing and you are looking for ways to resolve this divided self-conflict.

I know this conflict very well. As a psychiatrist I have studied this with my own patients, written a book, and then created a program that has been used successfully by over 14,000 people.

For those in the third group who are looking for lifestyle change, emotional eating can be controlled if one takes a careful step-by-step approach, at each step learning a critical piece of insight, and eventually replacing the initial helplessness thought ("What else could I do?") with the in-charge person who says, “Look at all the other ways I can handle this stress.” Then a new sense of personal power naturally emerges, and the cravings that were so strong in the past, actually disappear.

Dr. Roger Gould is one ...    Continue

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@ 10:53am ET on April 30, 2012
This is a wonderful segment the turned the light bulb on in my mind. Food cravings have been in control. I fight high anxiety,so I have very often turned to food. So, reading this made something click in my Bible teaching. I have the mind of Chist because HE lives within me. NOT the mind of over-eating. My feet are shod with the gospel of peace, not anxiety. This article is Great ! It only took a few sentences to open my eyes and let me see where I really am concerning food and overpowering cravings. I am 65 lbs. overweight. Now, I have a new goal and how to meantally fight and keep on track.... THANK YOU !!!!

@ 11:41am ET on April 30, 2012
Interesting article but you never said WHAT to do to overcome the emotional eating. We all know it exisits. All you mentioned was getting your book for more information on what to do.

@ 7:18am ET on May 2, 2012
i agree with Kathy26 i live in the middle east so i don't have access to all resources u have in USA. i know very well i have the problem but i can't solve it , i keep failing and such articles frustrate me more

@ 4:34pm ET on May 3, 2012
Check out more of Dr. Roger Gould's blogs on emotional eating to learn more tips!


@ 2:28am ET on May 4, 2012
I too agree with Kathy, I struggle with these issues and am fully aware of my problem but need how to's. I will check out the doctor's tips...

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