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** Yesterday's free book winner is Jenn Wattley from Florida! She's won a copy of The Beauty Diet (Looking Great Has Never Been So Delicious), written by Registered Dietitian, Lisa Drayer. **

As the leading website in online nutrition and health, publication houses around the country send us new books every day for our users to take the first peek. We are giving them away for free daily to a lucky few.

Today's free giveaway is a free exercise DVD, 6-minute Quick Blast Method - Total Body Fat Burner!

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It is that simple! We will promptly put you in a daily drawing for a book. Every day we are giving away 1-15 books based on the number of people who write us and the number of books available. (Today we have 300+ books ready to be given away all within that last 6 months).

Our editors do have discretion to send out additional books. So if you feel strongly that you really need the book, please write in the comment section of this blog and tell us why!

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