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You know the Burpee, aka squat thrusts: drop to the floor, kick your legs back to a plank, pull legs back to start and jump up, throwing arms to the sky.

Now, take it to a platinum level, adding a Bosu for an additional core stabilization challenge.

Work to hold the Bosu still in hands (dome side down) as you kick back and return to squat. Keep feet & knees together to add an inner thigh benefit & allow abs to contribute more to bringing the legs back in. Finally, press the Bosu over your head.

burpee with bosu

1 full breath (inhale/exhale) per burpee: Try to inhale as you drop down & kick out, and quickly exhale every last drop of air while squeezing your abs as you bring the legs in & return to standing. (Add 1 breath per push up - inhale down, exhale up - if you do these in between).

Alternatively, you can use light hand weights instead of the Bosu. Remember, start with a low weight - 5lbs in each hand is perfect - get those abs fired before you ramp up to 10, then 15lbs so you don't throw your back out pressing back up.

WHITNEY M COLE, www.whitneymcole.com
Personal Trainer, Pilates Practitioner & Nutrition Counselor
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@ 12:22pm ET on January 28, 2010
I was telling my sister about burpees. I did not know how to explain them. I reposted this on facebook so that she can try them. Because the kick you ass. :)

@ 8:07pm ET on February 5, 2010
Glad to help, Cenabeam & thank you for helping your sis!

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