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Another day to avoid football and head into work... wait, what!?! Today I broke my own rule and did a weigh-in, and surprisingly made it another 1.5lbs! It seems a silly rule to break my once weekly weigh-in schedule, but I've been using my Wii Fit a lot these past few days to give my knees a break since I've had some soreness with a heavy cardio schedule. I hadn't used my Wii for a while because my wife and I were remodeling our living room, and the Wii had been tucked away in a bag until the flat screen was hung, the new entertainment center went in and our layout was decided.

I've always had a problem with the weight loss goals of the Wii Fit. Actually, I mostly have a problem with the Wii thinking my optimal BMI is that of a teenage Japanese girl. I think regardless BMI is a poor measurement of fitness, as you can have a huge athlete with 0% body fat yet their BMI is through the roof. Pick a weight loss goal, stick to the numbers, forget about your BMI. Unless it really, really means a lot to you, then more power to you.

It's football Sunday. Remember folks, there's always light beer and low-fat, low-carb options for making buffalo wings. I'm just sayin'...

@ 1:37pm ET on October 9, 2011
I have to agree that I don't always agree with Wiifit!
The BMI thing has kinda bugged me too. My husband fits into the normal category, but has been getting a bit of a "beer belly", lol. I think that's a good example that BMI isn't everything because you can be 120 pounds, but have zero muscle mass, or you can be at your "normal weight" and still need to tone up!

@ 5:54pm ET on October 9, 2011
Good job on your weight loss! Keep up the good work!

@ 11:38pm ET on October 9, 2011
Congrats on the weight loss! BMI is frustrating and aggravating I think. I mean as hard as I try I will never be 101 lbs(the low for the medical BMI weight recommendation for my height, weight and age, maybe one day I'll reach the high of 132 that's my goal) but it is just a general graphed guideline which doesn't take backgrounds, family histories, bone structure/build and other factors into account. Maybe one day they'll come up with something better. Good luck with your Wii Fit and hope your knee feels better!

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