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Thanks you for the comments on my last one was helpful :) :)
We do our shopping in advance, lots easier with 4 kids lol, otherwise its Me, and all 4 kids shopping while hubby is at work.. (UGH!~!) I was doing frozen meals last summer, and that seemed to work well. I just seem to... not take the 4min to nuke it.. so I just grab whatever I lay hands on when I head out the door.
I do keep a few cases of bottled water right inside the door, so I have been really good about grabbing them :) thats a plus lol.
Im.. holding steady at 208 right now.. not a number I like, but it hasnt changed either, so I guess thats good? Snow should be leaving soon, and Im going to get the kids rounded up and take our dogs for walks, (okay.. maybe just one dog per walk !~!)
Mmmm.. decided.. shamu looks better than me.. my friend disagrees.. but she didnt see lol.
Hubby and I went 2 get me a swimsuit so we can do some beach or Hotel (so they can swim when its cold out lol) but... he works 10hr shifts right now.. and they dont swim well.. so.. after ?12? years... I bought a suit... Ugh.. they had a really nice one.. 2 days before (1piece) and Im not wearing the hotpink they had left.. so .. my gurls and hubby picked a 2piece .. which I LOVE!~! but.. Im not wearing it w/o the cover up.... have yet to hear a good way to lose the belly fat.. and stretchmarks... SUCK :( so... I have.. ? 2 months until June.... hope to... but not expecting...
on the upside.. heard rumors that Martial arts are good 4 it... so.. Im making my son practice his stuff with me lol.. since he refuses to practice like he is supposed to...

And... now Im off for some spring cleaning ..waiting for kid #4 to be dropped off... and enjoying my last *free day* during springbreak lol

@ 4:34pm ET on March 30, 2011
I have bad strechmarks also. I have them on the front and backs of my legs, on the back of my arms, on my sides, and on my inner thighs. That is the worst, because when I sit down and I am wear a skirt, shorts or a swimsuit, they show up terrible! I have seen some stuff from avon that I hear works really well for it, so I am going to buy some.

@ 5:33pm ET on March 30, 2011
I've got them from being pregnant. I like to pretend they'll disappear someday. LOL... But a more active approach, WalMart carries this Mederma stretch mark cream that is supposed to make them disappear pretty good. If I ever get skinny and toned and they're still grossly obvious, maybe I'll do that. Until then... One piece suits for me!

@ 7:50pm ET on March 30, 2011
I have horrible stretchmarks too and I wish I could just erase them! ^I've also heard that Mederma works, as well as Cocoa Butter. (I haven't tried either yet to be honest)
Kudos on getting that swimsuit! I still avoid those like the plague! :)

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