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Eating food just tastes good. It tastes even better when it is in season. You should be eating your food as close to its natural season as possible for the best possible benefits for your health.

Higher Nutritional Value

Foods that ripen during their correct season have more vitamins and minerals than if they are off-season fruits and vegetables.

The food will not only taste better, but have more anti-oxidants like foliate, Vitamin C and carotene. These nutrients rapidly decline in off-season produce and if the product is not locally sourced. This is especially true of foods coming from outside the country.

Better Body Rhythm

Everyone’s body has a natural rhythm to it and eating highly processed foods throws off that rhythm. Eating in season helps our bodies find the balance they were meant to have such as ingesting larger amounts of foods that have vitamin C during the summer when they are in abundance will strength our immune systems for the fall and winter colds that wait for us when colder weather rolls around.

Food Variety

Eating a wide range of foods expands your diet. This is good for your health and your waistline. It allows for your body to adapt to different foods and help keep you eating a healthy well-balanced diet all year long. It helps your diet be well-rounded and more complete than if you only ate the same meals every week. Eating foods in season will also give you more ways to prepare your dishes as well. You can grill zucchini in the summer, or make a roasted butternut squash soup in the fall.

Many of us do this automatically as new foods turn up in the supermarket and we want to eat them while they are not as expensive such as enjoying the fruits of summer during summer. They taste better and get us ready for the fall fruits. It is easier on the budget as well as the more there is of something, the lower the price goes gets.


Food purchased while it is in season tends to be fresher. This is true of leafy vegetables and fruits. They have been ripened at the right time and need to be consumed before they go bad. This makes them ideal to add to a grocery list and get the freshest food possible.

Eating seasonally is good for the budget and for the waistline. It is a tasty way to stay on track for a diet and keep your family healthy at the same time.

@ 3:19pm ET on August 29, 2019
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